Redhook announces that the Woodinville brewery is closing


This comes as no surprise. The writing was on the wall. Still, it makes me kind of sad to hear that it is official. Craft Brew Alliance, Redhook Ale Brewery’s parent company, announced today that it will shut down the Redhook brewery in Woodinville.

It was no secret that Craft Brew Alliance built a large, state of the art facility in Portland, OR where they brew not only Redhook, but Widmer and Kona brands. They didn’t need to tell us in words that the Woodinville facility had become obsolete. But a report in the Seattle Times today confirms what many of us knew was inevitable.

The company says that it hopes to revitalize the Redhook brand, and reestablish its Seattle roots, with the opening of the new Redhook brewpub in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, which they say should happen this summer. Read our original report about that.

The 22 year-old brewery in Woodinville will close by July 1st. No word on when Forecasters, the attached pub, will close.

Back in January 2016, we published a story about Pabst’s involvement with the Redhook brewery in Woodinville. Basically, that Pabst had signed an agreement to brew Rainier Mountain Pale Ale at the Redhook brewery. The press release about that arrangement included a seemingly out-of-place statement about Pabst having an option to buy the brewery. That raised eyebrows. Turns out, Pabst isn’t interested in exercising that clause.

Later, in October 2016, we learned that Redhook had laid off a substantial portion of the brewery’s workforce.

Now this. Like I said, hardly a surprise.

What will become of the Redhook brewery? Godspeed to all those effected by the closure.


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