Retraction – Magic Hat does not own Pyramid

The story we published last Thursday (June 24th), entitled Let’s put the trademark issue to bed, mistakenly said that Magic Hat owned Pyramid. In fact, Magic Hat Brewing Company and Pyramid Breweries are both owned by the same company –Independent Brewers United Inc.– but operate as completely separate companies. Indeed, it is an important distinction and the Washington Beer Blog retracts any previous statements that inaccurately portrayed the relationship between Magic Hat and Pyramid. We apologize for any confusion.


  1. Well, you weren’t alone. I thought MH had bought Pyramid as well. I still won’t be buying any of their brews after the 9LB Hammer debacle.

  2. Doesn’t matter to me. When Magic Hat became Asshat, they tarred their sister breweries with the same brush as far as I’m concerned. (Besides, since Asshat don’t distribute here, how else can I punish IBU Inc. than by boycotting Pyramid?)

  3. Interesting… Wikipedia lists Magic Hat as the current owners of Pyramid, and lists the following article as the citation:

    Were they both acquired by International Brewers United, Inc., or is that just some super-sized umbrella company so that the individual breweries can maintain their separate names and ‘identities’?

    Still ridiculous, as is the whole trademark thing with Black Raven…

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