Photo by Bob Brenlin, and shamelessly stolen from Facebook.

The Return of Kenny the Beer Man

His is a familiar face around the Washington beer scene, and it has been for a long time. However, Kenny’s smiling face has been absent for the last couple years. Today I learned that Kenny “The Beer Man” DesMarets is returning to the industry as a sales ninja for Bainbridge Brewing.

Back in 1997, Kenny joined the crew as one of the owners of the now-historic Kelley Creek Brewery in Bonney Lake. Since then, he’s worked for Fish Brewing, Mount Shasta Brewing (Weed, CA), Skagit River Brewing, Big Al Brewing, and Port Townsend Brewing.

For the past few years he’s been on sabbatical. Kind of. He’s been leveraging his knowledge of the industry to help small, local breweries grow. He’s worked more as a consultant than an employee. Most recently he’s worked with Valholl Brewing and Rainy Daze Brewing.

The craft beer industry is getting crowded these days and associating your brand with a familiar, friendly face that has gobs of experience and even more connections is especially valuable. Cheers to Kenny the Beer Man, and cheers to Bainbridge Brewing.

If you’re going to the Washington Winter Beer Festival for the Friday session, Kenny will be pouring for Rainy Daze Brewing, in case you want to say hello.

Photo by Bob Brenlin, and shamelessly stolen from Facebook.
This photo by Bob Brenlin was shamelessly stolen from Facebook.

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  1. Yea Kenny! Always has a wonderful smile… nice guy. I guess we will have to get out to Bainbridge Brewing to visit him.

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