Reuben’s Brews announces new location and expansion of operations


Hanging out at the Reuben’s Brews brewery taproom, you might not even notice that the brewery is producing beer at three separate locations in the neighborhood. It doesn’t create any problems for those who drink the beer, but for those who make the beer it’s a bit of a burden. Today Reuben’s Brews announced that it is opening a production facility to consolidate all brewing operations at one location.

The taproom will not be moving. The  brewery will now operate three locations. The new location will house a 30-barrel brewhouse. The existing 5-barrel system and 15-barrel system will stat where they are. The two smaller systems will be used for making small-batch beers, experimental beers and so on. Now they’ll be able to lend more focus on making more and more-diverse offerings for their customers. Also, this move will allow Reuben’s Brews to expand its barrel-aging program.

They are renovating the building and hope to have it up and running by the end of 2018. The historic building at 800 NW 46th St. is getting a complete overhaul. The new location is just a few blocks away from the current brewery and taproom.

Here is the official announcement from Reuben’s Brews.

Over the past few years, Reuben’s Brews has been operating from a few separate locations in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. As we grew we needed space – but unfortunately nothing was ever available within the same building! This led us to have multiple leases all within walking distance, but which made day-to-day operations between them very difficult. It is extremely important to us to stay in our local neighborhood (where my family and I actually live as well) and there was never one facility or building available that could house our production brewing operations under one roof. But now we are so excited to announce that we will be bringing most of our production together at 800 NW 46th St. The building is not only less than half a mile away from our taproom and brewery (which will remain in its current location), but it is also walking distance from our home.

We are carefully renovating this historic building and it will be up and running toward the end of this year. The building is getting a big overhaul – new roof, new siding, new insulation and heating systems – but the character of its 70 year-old barrel roof will now be exposed for us all to enjoy! Here, our team’s lives will be made easier, and they will be able to focus on brewing different beers and increasing diversity of offerings for our customers rather than traveling between buildings! Part of this includes the expansion of our oak-aged sour beer program, the first of which beers will make an appearance this summer after aging for well over a year.

Don’t worry, the taproom that everyone knows and loves at 5010 14th Avenue will stay the same! Nothing will change there – apart from now we’ll be able to brew an even more diverse range of beers! You’ll still see my co-founder and wife, Grace Robbings, working in the taproom, as well as managing our charitable giving programs. As for me, I’m excited to brew more myself as we’ll have three brewhouses – a 5BBL, 15BBL, and 30BBL. I’ll also get a real office in our new building and won’t have to take conference calls and write emails like this one from our merchandise storage closet.