Reuben’s Brews going pro – Seattle homebrewer prepares for the big leagues

About one year ago we first told you about Reuben’s Brews, when home brewer Adam Robbings’ Roasted Rye IPA took the 2010 PNA Winter Beer Taste by storm (read it) and won first place. Fast-forward. About one week ago someone forwarded to me a curious email from Adam Robbings, who was apparently looking for a metal fabricator and/or a contractor to help build a brewery. About one day ago I received a press release from Adam officially announcing that he is in the process of going pro.

From the brewery’s website: “We are a small, family owned and operated brewery located in Ballard in Seattle, WA.  We plan to have our brilliantly tasty artisan ales available for your consumption in June 2012!  We will have a kid-friendly taproom where you can meet with friends, sample and learn about our beers, and pick up a growler to enjoy elsewhere!  As a small, craft brewery operating on an artisan scale, we can’t guarantee broad distribution of our truly seasonal brews.  We hope you make the trip often to imbibe our frequently changing brews and become a part of the Reuben’s Brews Family.”

Here’s the press release.


Ballard, Seattle WA. December 5, 2011.

Reuben’s Brews is delighted to announce that we have found the perfect location, signed the lease, and are set to open a new artisan brewery in Ballard, Seattle next year! Our family owned and operated microbrewery, named after our son, will open its doors in the summer of 2012.

We are committed to using truly artisan techniques with the finest ingredients to provide you delicious, unique beers. We fully understand that discerning beer drinkers have numerous options when deciding what to imbibe, and we will work our tails off to provide you with brilliantly tasty brews to fill your growler.

You may have already tried our beers. As homebrewers, we were the People’s Choice First Place recipient in the PNA Winter Beer Taste in 2010 with our Roasted Rye PA. Our Best of Show American Brown was brewed by Anacortes Brewery in the fall of 2011, and served in a number of Seattle locations. Our co-founder and brewer Adam Robbings is an award-winning homebrewer with a vast collection of brews he can’t wait for you to enjoy.

Our location will feature a small taproom and brewery, located at 1406 NW 53rd St. in Seattle.  We will craft truly seasonal rotating ales, and we look forward to getting your direct feedback on our creations when you visit our family-friendly taproom.

Please follow our progress and look for ways to get involved in our journey at and

We will be privileged to serve you our brilliantly tasty artisan ales in 2012!


Adam and Grace Robbings

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  1. Adam produces some of the best beers I’ve tasted. Can’t wait to see that amazing work he’ll produce on a commercial scale.

  2. This is awesome. I am also a Seattle area homebrewer, and always think how cool it would be to take the “plunge”. So many breweries popping up all over the place, and not enough time to try them all.

  3. going from homebrew to commercial is difficult…have you worked in a brewery or at least interned? some are succesful and some are not…and with the glut of unemployed people deciding to pursue their dream of brewing…i wish ya luck cuz there are way too many breweries producing way too much crazy beer for any of them to make money…and survive…i would love to start my own here in seattle but it is too saturated…i dont know why…and give it a few years and half of them will be gone…just because you think you can brew doesn’t mean you can sell it…

  4. This is fantastic news for the Seattle Beer scene. We have too few breweries who are pushing the envelope in our fine city. Adam is just the brewer to do this. I’ve had the pleasure of tasting his beer and we’re in for a treat.

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