Reuben’s Brews Mixing Things Up – New Bottles, Seasonally Released

It’s not a bad problem to have. Adam Robbings is keenly aware of that. He certainly isn’t complaining. Still, to a certain extent, demand for his beer exceeds his ability to produce it. Reuben’s Brews emerged last summer and within a year became one of Seattle’s most beloved breweries.

Currently, the popular young brewery only has capabilities to offer three types of bottled beer at once. Problem is, Reuben’s Brews wants to offer a larger variety of beer in bottles. Adam Robbings devised a plan to address this issue. In late October, to mark the onset of autumn, the brewery will release Robust Porter, Roasted Rye PA, and Imperial IPA in bottles. Yes the seasons have already turned, but this is a new plan. The three new bottled beers will replace the current bottle lineup: Roggenbier, American Rye and Imperial Rye IPA. (Those fan-favorite beers will still be available on tap, just not in bottles.) Then when the seasons change again, new beers will replace the fall offerings. When winter turns to spring, the same thing. Some beers may stretch over the course of two seasons, but each season will see the brewery bottling something different.

I recently spoke to Adam Robbings, co-founder and brewmaster, and he he explained the new bottling strategy. The object is to keep the beers rotating, provide bottled beers that are appropriate for the season, while operating within their system. Another motivator, Adam wants to make sure people know Reuben’s Brews produces more than three styles of beer. A visit to the brewery’s tasting room in Ballard will quickly enlighten you as to the breadth of styles produced at Reuben’s Brews.

Here’s the press release

Reuben’s Brews fall bottle collection to hit stores in early October

SEATTLE, WA (Sept. 23, 2013) – It’s hard to believe summer is over and fall is settling in. As the leaves start changing, so will the bottle offerings from Reuben’s Brews.

In late October the brewery’s Robust Porter, Roasted Rye PA and Imperial IPA will make their bottle debuts in Western Washington stores. These brews will replace the current bottle lineup of American Rye, Roggenbier and Imperial Rye IPA.

Co-founder and brewmaster Adam Robbings plans to switch up the bottled varieties each season.  Every three months, the brewery will release new beers to go with the season.

“We love brewing different styles,” he says. “Right now, we only have the capacity to bottle three types of beer at once. We want to regularly change what we offer in bottles to keep it interesting, to match the season, and to give people who can’t get to the brewery a chance to try more of our brews.”

Fans of the American Rye, Roggenbier and Imperial Rye IPA, which was just named one of Seattle Magazine’s “10 Best Local Beers to Drink Now,” shouldn’t despair! Although the bottles will soon be leaving store shelves until next year, the beers will still be available on tap at the brewery.


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