Reuben’s Brews – same great beer, updated brand


Reuben’s Brews saw its 7th anniversary, which it is celebrating today (right now), as an opportunity to introduce a brand update. This is not a complete re-branding; rather, it is a brand refresh. Some people may not even notice the subtle changes.

The new.
The new look.

“What we had before looked great, but we knew it could be better, and that’s what we tried to do: an evolution of what we’ve had before,” said Matt Lutton, Marketing Manager for Reuben’s Brews. “If some folks don’t even notice a change in our packaging, that would be great! What truly matters is the quality of the beer inside the can, not what it looks like, but we do want our branding to be as consistent and innovative as our beer lineup.”


The company says that the new packaging and the branding refresh is a visual expression of the brewery’s commitment to brewing without constraints, which they call Beer Unbound™.

“Our family brewery has experienced unbelievable growth over the past seven years,” said Adam Robbings, Co-founder, Reuben’s Brews. “We are continuously reinventing our beer lineup, always innovating, always refining. We felt it was time, as we celebrate our seventh anniversary, that our packaging and logo better reflect who we are as a brewery. Our birthday present to the brewery is packaging that is as innovative as the beer inside.”

New Hazealicious cans.
New Hazealicious cans.

The new look is an evolution for the brewery, which began as home-brewing passion and was named after the founders’ eldest son. Since its founding in 2012, Reuben’s Brews has won countless awards, earned a number of accolades from the press, and developed a loyal following across the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

“When we first started, Reuben, our son, was just a baby – and we offered only five beers on tap,” said Grace Robbings, co-founder, Reuben’s Brews, “Now our little boy is nearly ten and the brewery has grown alongside him, with two tasting rooms and three breweries in the neighborhood allowing us to pour 36 taps of our own beer. We have also launched a cider named for Reuben’s younger brother, Warren!”

The company says the updated branding helps customers more easily spot their favorite Reuben’s Brews beers at retail locations. Keep an eye out for all your favorite beers, now sporting a refreshed look.

Crikey IPA
Hazealicious IPA
Robust Porter
Moreish IPA

Reuben’s Brews worked with Pittsburgh-based branding firm Top Hat Design for the visual evolution.