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A Safe Ride To & From the Washington Brewers Festival

The Washington Brewers Festival rapidly approaches. The annual “Big Daddy” beer fest takes place at Marymoor Park in Redmond on June 14 thru 16 (Father’s Day weekend). Read our previous posts. One of the biggest challenges with this or any beer festival is arranging safe transportation home from the event. Today I want to tell you about one option and encourage you to share information about any other options.

Elliott Bay Brewery and Pub in West Seattle is once again offering an all-inclusive package to get you to and from the Washington Brewers Festival. Your luxury motorcoach (bus) departs the West Seattle Pub on Saturday, June 15 at 11:00 a.m. and returns at 6:00 p.m.  For $50.00 you get a round trip bus ride, festival admission, and beer and snacks on the bus. In case you’re wondering, there is a bathroom on the bus. Payment is due with your reservation, which you should make in person at the pub. (The pub is not selling festival tickets separate from brewbus.)

So what other pubs or breweries are offering similar adventures? What are your plans for beer fest transportation? Is anyone else considering using Uber? As I understand it, there are metro options that will get you within a mile of the festival. Please leave a comment and tell us what you know. I’m curious to see if we can have a constructive conversation about transportation options without turning this into a “Why don’t they have the festival somewhere else?” conversation.


  1. We’re on the brewbus!!! Because you need some warm-up beer on the way to the beer festival!

  2. Sound Transit bus #545 from downtown Seattle, and #542 from Montlake both get very close to Marymoor entrances. I always encourage the use of public transportation to any beer event. Thanks for opening the discussion with your audience.

    Google Maps is a great, easy tool to see what your transit options look like. One click of the bus icon will show King County Metro, Sound Transit, Community Transit, etc. It can seem confusing or overwhelming, but we do have a lot of bus options in the Seattle/Eastside region.

    Please be responsible and take the extra time to use transit if possible. It takes some thought and planning, so map it out in advance and know the departure times. Be safe out there!

  3. I’m riding the bike via the Burke and Sammamish River Trails, then getting picked up by my loving wife. Father’s day is a good weekend for this festival!

    Unfortunately there are not a lot of bus options to Ravenna, my neighborhood, on a Saturday evening from Redmond. I would not be keen on riding the 20+ miles back, but I am sure there is a bike + bus option in there if I looked hard enough.

  4. Hey Kendall,

    Another thing to think about is to park at the Bear Creek Park and Ride and then walk/cycle over to the Festival.

    People can enter on the East side of the park as well, off of E. Lake Sammamish Way.

    I just read that the trail over there is open too. Lots of ways to get there without sitting in traffic or even driving for that matter!

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