Safeco Field Beer Lineup – Finding craft beer at the ballpark in 2017


Once again we are happy to share this year’s Safeco Field beer lineup. It’s an annual tradition here at the blog. When it comes to beer and food, the folks at Safeco Field aim to create a very Seattle-like experience. If you’re attending a Seattle Mariners game, craft beer is easy to find, just like it is around the city itself. (Pictured above: Black Raven Brewing’s Bourbon La Mort, the Mariners leadoff imperial/barrel-aged beer. Pictured below: Batting cleanup, Bodhizafa IPA from Georgetown Brewing, a GABF gold-medal IPA.)



Below we share Safeco Field’s craft beer lineup for 2017. Our list only includes craft beer and “craft-like” beer that you will find on tap around the ballpark. In addition to what’s on our list, there is a ton of beer available in aluminum cans; that’s a moving target and hard for us to track for you. We do not share information about beers like Coors Light and Bud Light, focusing instead on the kind of beer that interests people who read this blog. Jump straight to the beer lineup.

We also share information about other aspects of the beer program at Safeco Field.

Wondering what to eat with your brew? Check out the Seattle Times story about the new food options at the ballpark this year. My favorite thing to eat at the ballpark is the Hempler’s Cheddar and Jalepeno sausage, with grilled onions and peppers (multiple Hempler’s stands around the ballpark, but at section 147 they also pour Bodhizafa IPA, which pairs nicely with the aforementioned sausage.)

Sausage and Bodhi.
Sausage and Bodhi.

Looking for breweries near the stadium? Check out our Seattle Breweries page and map. It should give you lots of ideas about where to go before or after a Mariners game. The map also includes some of the city’s better beer-focused bars.

Safeco Field Beer Program Highlights

$6 Beers During Happy Hour in the ‘Pen – Happy Hour returns to the ‘pen this year. Gates open 2.5 hours before first pitch, a half hour earlier than all other ballpark gates. Enter from Royal Brougham Way. Enjoy $6 pints of all draft beers until one hour before first pitch. For the best beers, hit the “Bar in the ‘Pen,” which is located east of the center field porch (patio) and the big Rail Bar. The Bar in the Pen pours beers from the likes of Bale Breaker Brewing, Sumerian Brewing, and Silver City Brewing.

Cask-Conditioned Beer – The Mariners commitment to cask beer continues this year and the Safeco Field beer lineup once again includes cask-conditioned beer. At each game they’ll tap into two casks, pouring from beer engines (section 129). Which breweries, which styles, and which exact beers rotates with each home stand. Mostly, these will be Washington-brewed beers. GET THERE EARLY! They only tap two casks per night and they’re usual gone by the third inning.

Cask beer station. Look for the big neon that says "Cask Ale."
Cask beer and big beer station. Selection changes regularly. Look for the big neon that says “Cask Ale” in the concourse behind home plate.

No More Sour Beer – Last year they had a tap dedicated to sour beer. That’s gone. Apparently it wasn’t as popular as they’d hoped. Maybe just a bit too geeky for the ballpark beer crowd.

Barrel-Aged and Imperial Beer – Big, bold beers are now part of the Safeco Field beer lineup. Right next to the cask-beer station at Section 129, two taps rotate a selection of barrel-aged and imperial beers. Selection rotates frequently based on availability. For example, to open the season, Black Raven Brewing’s Bourbon La Mort. Next, Founders KBS, the beloved whiskey-barrel stout from Founders Brewing. We’ll have to wait and see what they tap into throughout the season. A 12-oz pour of these beers will cost $10, which is actually a pretty darn good deal considering you’re at a ballpark and these are hard-to-find, expensive beers regardless of where you find them.

Gluten Free Taps – Beers from Ghostfish Brewing, Seattle’s award-winning gluten-free brewery, are on tap at the ballpark this year. (Grapefruit IPA and Meteor Shower Blonde). Available at “The Natural” concession stand on the main level, near home plate. Ghostfish Pale Ale is available in cans at various locations. Ghostfish Brewing’s Pale Ale is available in cans throughout the stadium.

Cans Everywhere – This year 16-ounce cans are all over the ballpark, and even some 12-ounce cans. Stuff like Ghostfish Brewing’s Pale Ale Pale, Iron Horse Brewing’s Irish Death, Silver City Brewing’s Ziggy Zoggy Summer Lager, Fremont Brewing’s IPA, Two Beers Brewing’s Evo IPA, Seattle Cider Company’s Dry Cider, and more. Cans are available at many of the portable beer stations around the ballpark and also from vendors at your seat. Tracking exactly where you can find the various beers is difficult, so we leave you to your own devices.

You can help improve the beer that vendors carry by asking for more craft beer. The walk-around vendors get to choose which beers they put in their tubs: they’ll keep filling them with Coors Light unless people tell them they want something else.

Miller-Coors Increased Presence – Saint Archer Brewing and Hop Valley Brewing are now owned by Miller-Coors, which has a very significant relationship with Major League Baseball. Now that they have “craft beers” to offer, you will see a lot of those brands at the ballpark. When looking at last year’s lineup and comparing it to this year’s lineup, it seems they “stole back” some handles from our local breweries. Even though they are now owned by the big guys, we include some these beers on our lists because they are “craft-like,” but we are very much aware that breweries like Saint Archer, Elysian, Redhook Pyramid, and Hop Valley do not meet the strict definition of craft beer. Yes, we know they are no longer considered craft beers.

An example of how Miller-Coors has increased its presence, nudging in on "the whole craft beer thing."
An example of how Miller-Coors has increased its presence, nudging in on “the whole craft beer thing.” This is the Hop Valley beer station at the ballpark, something lil’ old Hop Valley Brewing from Eugene, OR  never could have done without ’em.

Manny’s Pale Ale – Mariners fans love Manny’s. As far as I can tell, of all the beers (craft beers and craft-like beers) on tap at Safeco Field, Manny’s Pale Ale is the one that has the most tap handles. Seems fitting since Manny’s is the most frequently tapped beer around Seattle in general.

Safeco Field Beer Lineup

We present the draft beer lineup in three different ways. First up, the basic list of beer, with the section where you can find it. Note that you may find good beer at other places around the ballpark, but this is what we know for sure.

Brewery, Beer – Section (draft beer only)

  • Alaskan Brewing, Amber – 105, 146.
  • Alaskan Brewing, Big Mountain Pale – 105, 146, 185, All Star Club, Bar in the ‘Pen.
  • Bale Breaker Brewing, Field 41 Pale Ale – 134, 185, 319, 330, Bar in the ‘Pen.
  • Black Raven Brewing, Trickster IPA – 121, 185, 319, 330, Diamond Club, Edgar’s Cantina.
  • Diamond Knot Brewing, Blonde Ale – 134, 319, 349
  • Diamond Knot Brewing, IPA – 134, 319, 349.
  • Elysian Brewing, Immortal IPA – 111, 237, 328, 333.
  • Elysian Brewing, Men’s Room Red – 111, 237, 328, 333.
  • Elysian Brewing, Seasonal Selection – 111, 237, 328, 333.
  • Farmstrong Brewing, La Raza Amber Lager – 121, 129, 185, 319, Edgar’s Cantina, Bar in the ‘Pen.
  • Fremont Brewing, Summer Ale – 136, 248, 249, Great State Burgers, Hit it Here Café.
  • Georgetown Brewing, Bodhizafa IPA – 105, 118, 147, 147, 185, Hit it Here Café.
  • Georgetown Brewing, Manny’s Pale Ale – 109, 115, 132, 143, 212, 218, 243, 335, 349, Diamond Club, Rail Bar.
  • Ghostfish Brewing, Grapefruit IPA – The Natural.
  • Ghostfish Brewing, Meteor Shower Blonde – The Natural
  • Hop Valley Brewing, Alphadelic IPA – 136, 146, 15,0 Bleachers, Diamond Club, Edgar’s Cantina, Rail Bar.
  • Hop Valley Brewing, Citrus Mistress – 117, 126, 131, 136, 150, 223, 244, 309, Bleachers, Edgar’s Cantina, Hit it Here.
  • Hop Valley Brewing, Red – 108, 125, 150, 312, Bleachers.
  • Hop Valley Brewing, Season Selection – 150, Rail Bar.
  • Iron Horse Brewing, Irish Death – 121, 136, 319, Hit it Here Cafe.
  • Lagunitas Brewing, IPA – 132, Balllard Pizza Company.
  • Mac and Jack’s Brewing, African Amber – 141, 185, 223, Diamond Club.
  • Pike Brewing, Kilt Lifter – 136.
  • Pike Brewing, Space Needle IPA – 136.
  • Portland Brewing, IPA – 114, 126, 141, 149, Hit it Here Cafe.
  • Pyramid Breweries, 1977 Lager – 114, 126, 141, 243, Dynamite Chicken, Edgar’s Cantina, Rail Bar.
  • Pyramid Breweries, Curveball Blonde – 114, 126, 141, All Star Club, Diamond Club.
  • Pyramid Breweries, Outburst Imperial IPA – 114, 126, 141.
  • Redhook, Big Ballard IPA – 111, 237, 328, 333.
  • Reuben’s Brews, Crikey IPA – 136, 140.
  • Silver City Brewery, Ridgetop Red – 134, 136, 185, 319, 330.
  • St. Archer Brewing, Blonde – 119, 312, 313, All Star Club.
  • St. Archer Brewing, Pale – 105, 141, 340.
  • Stone Brewing, Delicious IPA – 121, 129, 185, 319, 349.
  • Sumerian Brewing, Holy Water Citra IPA – 134, 185, 223, 319, 330, All Star Club, Hit it Here Café, Bar in the Pen.

Here are two versions of the list in PDF format, one sorted by brewery and beer name (so you can go find what you want) and the other sorted by section number (so you can see what’s near your seats).

DRAFT BEER LINEUP by Brewery and Beer Name

Download (PDF, Unknown)

DRAFT BEER LINEUP by Section Number/Vendor Name

Download (PDF, Unknown)



  1. One more! Pike Space Needle Golden IPA in 12 oz. cans are available in the Sultan of Suds in section 103/104. What a great line up! Now let’s get some pitching and hitting going. Cheers.

  2. Thanks Zan. There are a lot of places around the ballpark that sell beer. The list we provide is what we know for sure. No doubt, intrepid beer hunters will find even more options than those we’ve listed.

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