Safeco Field Beer Lineup – Finding Good Beer at the Ballpark in 2018


Seattle Mariners fans are a fortunate lot when it comes to beer. Few stadiums in the nation offer such a robust selection of craft beer options. Below we offer our annual report on finding beer at the ballpark, our guide to Safeco Field beer and where to find the good stuff. We present the information a few ways, so be sure to scroll down and use whichever format works best for you.

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Best Bets for Good Beer – There’s a lot of good beer scattered around Safeco Field but here are the top spots for finding a nice selection of craft beer on tap at Seattle’s ballpark, in our opinion.

  • Shorts Stop Beer: Section 185 (left field, main level, above bullpens). THE BEST beer selection on the 100 level.


  • CASK, specialty craft beers: Section 129 (behind home plate. Top of the stairs from home plate entrance, turn right and you’re there).
Machine House cask, Ecliptic sour, and Founder's KBS!
Machine House cask, Ecliptic sour, and Founder’s KBS!
  • Good Hops: There are three Good Hops beer stands, at section 136 kind of around back, at section 319 and at section 330.
  • Terrace Club Options: Sitting in the Terrace Club is nice but the beer selection is rather limited. You’ll find your best options at the Hit it Here Cafe bar.

Cask Beer and More – The beer cart at section 129 continues to operate as the headquarters for serious beer geeks at Safeco Field. You will find three impressive beers on tap at each game, one of them cask-conditioned. I’m talking about the kind of beers you’d expect to find at top-notch beer bars, not a ballpark.

For example, the opening day lineup at the section 129 beer cart includes Sumerian Brewing’s Raspberry-Hibiscus Pilsner (cask), Crooked Stave’s Petit Sour Rose, and Black Raven Brewing’s Three Sundays Oaked Tripel. The lineup will change throughout the seasons, so you should always stop by and see what’s pouring. Always get there early in the game. They go through one keg of each beer per game. When it’s gone for the night, it’s gone. Usually by the fourth inning you’ll strike out.

Also, look for something special (barrel-aged, rare, etc) at Din Tai Fung – Section 133.

Big Cans – Lots of beer in cans again this year, but the most notable additions to the lineup are 19.2-ounce cans of Founder’s All Day IPA and Oskar Blues’ Dale’s Pale Ale. Available at three of the Good Hops locations (sections 136, 319 and 330).

MLB Beer Finder – The Mariners announced that they’ll be offering a special beer deal every game. You can find out about today’s deal via the MLB Ballpark app, should you so choose.

Seattle’s Iconic Beer – No, I’m not talking about Rainier. As it is around the rest of Seattle, Georgetown Brewing’s Manny’s Pale Ale is everywhere at Safeco Field. More tap handles (48) are dedicated to Manny’s than any other notable beer. The only beers easier to find are Coors Light, Miller Light and Blue Moon, which isn’t surprising given the amount of money MillerCoors pays to be the stadium’s big-dollar beer sponsor.

Welcome to Seattle – Visiting from out of town and looking for good beer away from the ballpark? Check out our map of Seattle breweries and beer spots, many of which are quite close to the ballpark.


Craft Beer Only – The list provided below only includes beers from brewery’s that meet the Brewers Association definition of craft brewery. It does not include beers from breweries like 10 Barrel Brewing (owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev), Hop Valley Brewing (owned by MillerCoors), and other non-independent breweries.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Craft Beer and Craft-Like Beer – This list includes craft beer plus beers that are craft-like. Beers from breweries like Elysian Brewing, St. Archer Brewing, Lagunitas Brewing, and other non-independent breweries.

Download (PDF, Unknown)



    1. While your point is valid, I would just say that 1) baseball is a summertime sport and 2) they are in the business of selling what sells. Hopefully when you’re at a game they’ll have something robust for you at the section 129 beer cart.

  1. Kendall is awesome. Thank you Kendall for publishing this indispensable resource on this indispensable website. Go Mariners. Yay beer.

  2. I didn’t see it mentioned here, but I thought I heard elsewhere…

    $5 tall boys MGD (Or Miller High Life, can’t remember)
    $6 12 oz Georgetown Bodhizafa

    1. Edit: Stolen from

      $5 will get you a can of Busch Light or Miller High Life, and $6 will get you a can of Georgetown Bodizafa or Elysian Superfuzz. There’s one $5 and one $6 dollar option at each of these locations: sections: 105, 111, 136, 221, 243, 319, 328, 330, and the Hit it Here Cafe

      1. From the Mariners: “$5 and $6 12oz beer is available at select locations including The ‘Pen, Good Hops and Sultan of Suds stands, Lookout Landing and Hit It Here Café. Also in select locations on Thursday and Saturdays, Coors Light is available for $5. Keep an eye on the Beer Finder section of the MLB Ballpark app for where to find it.”

        Sounds like they will include other beers in the deals, too.

        So, go get the MLB Ballpark app, keep an eye on it, get the deals as they become available.

      2. A can of Busch Light for $5 or a can of Bodhi for $6. Makes Bodhi sound like a pretty good deal.

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