Salish Honey Ale is About to Hit the Shelf

A few months ago I told you about Salish Honey Ale, a new beer brewed by Snoqualmie Falls Brewing for The Salish Lodge and Spa. The beer is brewed with honey from The Salish Lodge apiary, where hundreds of thousands of bees produce in excess of 2,000 pounds of honey each year. The apiary is just a mile down the road from the brewery. It only seemed natural that Snoqualmie Falls Brewing produce the beer.

At that time, there was still some uncertainty about the beer’s availability. Of course it would be available on tap at The Attic, the Salish Lodge’s lounge and eatery overlooking Snoqualmie Falls, but any other plans were still being discussed. Today we can tell you that the beer will soon be available in 22-ounce bottles.

Back in October, Rod Lapasin, General Manager at The Salish Lodge and Spa, told me that he imagined seeing bottles of Salish Honey Ale for sale in The Salish Lodge’s gift shop, where guests can purchase the honey and other products created with the honey. Beyond that, the beer will likely be sold through regular distribution channels along with other Snoqualmie Falls Brewing products. Of course, the best place to enjoy it is probably The Attic, with the mighty Snoqualmie River roaring over the falls outside the window. We city folks sometimes forget that the cascading majesty of Snoqualmie Falls is just a matter of minutes up the road.

I encourage you to read the original story to learn more about the beer, the bees, the honey, and the project. See more pictures there.

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