Salish Sea Brewing announces expansion plans

Since opening in late 2013, Salish Sea Brewing of Edmonds, Washington has been slowing growing, not unlike most breweries in the state. We just got word that they’ve done it again. Now they’ve taken over the neighboring space and will add a full kitchen.

“We are getting to grow again,” says Jeff Barnett, the owner/brewer at Salish Sea Brewing. “December 1 we took on the neighboring space to add a full kitchen. The Salish Sea Brewing company is growing again. We are about to add a full service kitchen, we hope to open at the end of February 2017.”


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  1. Thanks for the kind words Kendall. We broke ground on the kitchen last month and are working to get the additional space opened up by the end of February. We have been operating a small sandwich kitchen in the back room for the past year that has been well received, but this will be a game changer for us and our community.

    Erika and I are opening a full kitchen with beer pairings and locally sourced food/ingredients.

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