Salish Sea Brewing expansion is complete

The brewery first opened for business back in November of 2013. Everything at Salish Sea Brewing was chugging along just fine: good beers, nice crowds, friendly regulars, great location in downtown Edmonds, Washington. One problem, though. Not enough room. That’s changed.

We last visited Salish Sea back in December. That’s when Jeff (owner, brewer) told us about the expansion plan. Basically, take over the neighboring space, get rid of a wall, and vastly increase the seating capacity at the always-crowded taproom.

We just learned via Salish Sea Brewing’s Facebook page that the expansion is now complete. That is also where we nabbed the photos.  The place looks great. We cannot wait to visit the newly expanded digs.

The brewhouse and tanks in the same location.


The service bar is in the same location.
The service bar is in the same location.


The wall is gone. New seating!
The wall is gone. New seating!

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  1. Thank you for the kind words. I was able to complete the expansion in less than two weeks & will be adding another 10 bbl fermenter and 10bbl bright tank in early June. Our tap room is now twice as big as it was before, allowing us to accommodate more people. We are excited to share this with our brewing community. Thank you, Jeff

  2. We stop by on “re-opening” weekend. The Space looks absolutely fantastic… Almost as if it was designed that way from the start. Jeff’s gonna kill it there.

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