San Juan Brewing/Front Street Ale House closes

Sometimes it seems like the San Juan Islands are a world unto themselves. Although they are just a stone’s throw away, news from the islands can take a long time to make it to the mainland. We have two reports that seem to confirm that Friday Harbor’s San Juan Brewing Company-Front Street Ale House has gone out of business.

First, we received an email from someone who found the building locked up with a “Brewery equipment for sale” sign on the door. That seems pretty clear.

Second, we found a report in the San Juan Journal that said, “Negotiations are in the works and a new tenant may soon be moving into the former location of the Alehouse and San Juan Brewing Company.” That doesn’t leave much room for speculation.

That’s all we know. If anyone has details about the situation please let us know.

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  1. i’ve been to this place EVERY TIME i’ve gone to San Juan. Always enjoyed it. such sad news. hopefully, a new brewer will buy the place and keep it going.

  2. We went out to Friday Harbor, back in March and found the building locked up. A sign on the door read, “see you in the spring”. I asked a few locals and learned the brewery had intentions of doing a remodel, but shut everything down, instead. Nobody could give me any more details than that.

  3. Orin, where did you go? You make the best brew! Many fond memories of the Front Street Ale House, circa 1994…

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