This Saturday – tapping into some Uber-strength beers

If you like big, boozy beers reeking of bourbon and scotch, you won’t want to miss this one. Saturday, May 8th marks the release of two very special beers made specifically for Uber Tavern. Tony Savoy, owner/brewer at Flyers Brewery, built two bodacious brews for Uber: Kentucky Uberwine and Cab Ride. At 4:00 Saturday afternoon, Tony will be at Uber to tap into these two behemoths and introduce them to the world. Supplies are limited. Get it while you can.

From the Uber Tavern Web site, here’s the rundown:

Kentucky Ɯberwine

Loosely based on J.W. Lee’s Lagavulin Barrel-Aged Harvest Ale, the Uberwine is made with Booker’s Cask Strength Bourbon aged on American oak, instead of Lagavulin Single Malt on French oak…it’s a USA/USA vs Scotland/France kind of thing.

After about 2 months of wood-aging, the first keg was tested for wood & whiskey character on March 12th, 2010 at Uber (Note: there are a few ratings from that tasting on Since then it has been aged with the bourbon and oak for another month, a total of three. The base beer is about 10.5 percent ABV, mildly hopped in a nod to English barley wines, with a small amount of peated malt as an ode to the famous smoky single malt scotch found in J.W. Lee’s. This is a very big beer.

Cab Ride

Only 31 gallons exist. “Train Wreck” and “Aurora Frisbee” were two other possible names, because that is very likely what will happen after a couple glasses. If you’re not a fan of overly scotchy/bourbony/woody beers, you’ll probably hate this one. That’s OK. You’ll make lot of other people happy, as there is very little of it to go around.

Cab Ride is an exercise in East-meets-West. The base beer, fighting out of the American corner, is Kentucky Uberwine with its American Oak and Bookers Bourbon. And in the European corner,wearing a Speedo, comes some Laphroaig 10 Year Single Malt Scotch aged on French Oak. This fight is fixed. It is not a fair one. An entire bottle of Laphroaig was soaked into the French Oak, all of which went into a mere four pony kegs of Uberwine. Scotch wins by TKO (and major fortification)! Sure there was plenty of bourbon in the base beer, but let’s just say you no longer need to order a shot with your Cab Ride. It comes with one built in.

Who knows what the strength is now? Not 10.5 percent anymore, that’s for sure. No one, not even Brew Master Tony, has had this yet. Will it melt your fillings? Will a goblet of it make you think you’re pretty good lookin’ after all? Is it a whiskey-wood-aged masterpiece? Only one way to find out…this Saturday.

Both beers were made exclusively for Uber Tavern by Tony Savoy at Flyers Brewery in Oak Harbor, WA. The Kentucky Uberwine will be available at both the Seattle and Portland International Beerfests. Cab Ride will be cellared and saved for very special events, following this debut at Uber.

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  1. Is Uber closing? There’s a thread on BeerAdvocate with quotes from Uber saying they’re emptying the place out. Can you find out for us?

  2. I am trying to confirm and will post it here as soon as I find out. Unless I misread the email I got from them last night, the TWO WEEKS NOTICE was just a way of saying that for the next two weeks they’ll be pulling stuff out of the cellar. They will be pulling some amazing stuff out of the cellar, to be sure. They did say stuff like, “That’s it, then we’re done,” but I assume that was just a manner of speaking.

  3. I’m just a nobody, but I was just at Uber and the owner and bartender were there and giggling about the funny email that everybody took seriously. They’re not closing. They’re going strong. The events in the “we’re quitting” email were serious. The quitting part was silliness.


  4. Oh, and the Kentucky Uber Wine sounds pretty darn good. Nobody’s tried the finished product yet so it’ll be a surprise on Saturday. The Cab Ride might seem like a gimmick but I don’t think it will disappoint.


  5. Alva – “giggling.” Excellent choice of words. I can imagine them doing that. Also, you are not “just a nobody” in the eyes of the Washington Beer Blog. You’re one of the thousands of people who read our blog regularly and that makes you uber informed about what’s happening on the beer scene. You are part of the Washington Beer Posse! Saddle up boys, tonight we ride!

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