Schooner Zodiac announces summer schedule for 2015

Imagine yourself aboard a tall ship sailing through the San Juan Islands, watching the masts reach for the sun and the sails curl in the wind, listening to the water lap at the bow and the wind whistle off the rigging. With a beer in your hand, you sail onward to your next destination. Maybe it’s not time for beer yet, because it’s your turn to man the helm or hoist the sails. That kind of work makes a person thirsty and you know there will be time for beer later.

It sounds dreamy, but it really is possible if you hop aboard the Schooner Zodiac, which has now announced its schedule for the summer of 2015. The Bellingham-based tall ship recently announced two multi-day brewery tours during the 2015 sailing season.

The ship will embark on a 4-day brewery expedition of the San Juan Islands in July of 2015 and a 3-day transit from Bellingham to Seattle exploring the breweries in north Puget Sound in August.


The 4-day Brewery Expedition in the San Juan Islands (July 9 through 12) includes beer tastings at Anacortes Brewery and Island Hoppin’ Brewery on Orcas Island. Passengers will also be taken to the Cask and Schooner Pub in Friday Harbor. The Brewery Cruise to Seattle (August 15 to 17) includes beer tasting at Anacortes Brewery, Diamond Knot Brewery in Mukilteo, and Fremont Brewing in Seattle.


Passage on both cruises includes all meals prepared by a professional chef in the ship’s galley. Passengers on the Zodiac have the option of participating in the sailing of the ship as well as learning to navigate, stand watch and steer the vessel. More information can be found at and reservations can be made by calling (206) 719-7622.


The Zodiac is a classic, 160-foot U.S. Coast Guard certified vessel, operated by a licensed captain and experienced team of volunteer crewmembers. She departs her Bellingham homeport for a variety of public and private charters, as well as day and evening sails from spring through fall, exploring the pristine anchorages of the San Juan Islands and Canadian Gulf Islands. Zodiac also is an ideal setting for company events, wedding receptions and gatherings of family and friends.