Scuttlebutt Brewing celebrates 20th Anniversary and opens a new taproom at the brewery

Scuttlebutt Brewing in Everett, Washington is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with the release of a special beer, a Russian Imperial Stout. But that’s not the only big news from Scuttlebutt. They have now opened a new taproom at the brewery.

For years, if you wanted to get Scuttlebutt beers at the source, you were out of luck. Kind of. The brewery itself had no taproom, so you had to go the the Scuttlebutt pub down on the Everett waterfront. That was fine, but last week Scuttlebutt opened a taproom at the production facility on Cedar Street. (Photo above from the Scuttlebutt Facebook page.)

The new taproom was designed to be a sort of craft beer speakeasy, a secret spot where craft beer lovers can enjoy a rotating selection that will include Scuttlebutt’s barrel-aged stuff. Among other amenities, the taproom has a crowler machine. A crowler is disposable 32-ounce (usually) alternative to a growler. Essentially, it is an aluminum can that, upon request, is filled and sealed, from the tap, at the time of purchase. In many ways, it’s a better “draft beer to go” option than a growler.

The taproom’s L-shaped redwood bar was fashioned out of wood that came from a redwood tree that grew near the Russian River in California. It’s a family heirloom of sorts: the tree was on Bannan family property.

The taproom is located at 3310 Cedar Street, Everett, WA 98201 and is open Monday through Friday 10:00 – 6:00, Saturday 10:00 – 5:00. Read more about the new taproom in this story the Everett Herald wrote.

Here is the press release about the 20th Anniversary beer.


Founded in 1996, Everett, Washington’s Scuttlebutt Brewing is celebrating twenty years of Independent, Family Brewing with our 20th Anniversary Russian Imperial Stout.

The pitch black beer is intensely malty. Featuring a velvety texture with seemingly endless layers of dark fruit, freshly ground coffee, dark chocolate, cream, molasses, pipe smoke and well-aged leather. Smooth, rich and deep this beer can be consumed right away but will only get better with age.

Scuttlebutt has also collaborated with three Washington Craft Distilleries to create a very special gift pack to honor the occasion. The Imperial Stout was aged in barrels from Oola Distillery, Skip Rock Distillers and Woodinville Whiskey Company to create three unique barrel aged beers to compliment the base, unoaked beer. The wooden gift pack carrier was handcrafted by Arlington, Washington carpenter Ryan Richards and less than one hundred and fifty units were produced.

All four variants will be available in the hand crafted carrier and the unoaked version will be available in twenty-two ounce bottles and draft.

Color: Black with a mocha colored head

ABV: 11.74

IBU’s: 76


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  1. I had a chance to go the opening day and they had some specialties on tap. Great beers and the place is very cool. Can’t wait to go back and enjoy what I consider to be one of Everett’s top 3 breweries.

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