Scuttlebutt Brewing collaborates with Parallel 49 Brewing to create Baby Got Back


Scuttlebutt Brewing recently did a collaboration beer with Parallel 49 Brewing of Vancouver, BC. The beer is called Baby Got Back Ale, an obvious homage to the Sir Mix A Lot mega-hit from the 90s.

This is the latest installment in Parallel 49’s Brews Brothers series. In short, Parallel 49 partners with other breweries to create beers that use a musical genre as a theme. In this case, the genre was West Coast hip hop and the mandate was to make all of the beers hoppy. This time around, they partnered with Scuttlebutt Brewing, Green Flash Brewing (San Diego), Gigantic Brewing (Portland), and 49th State Brewing of Anchorage.

“When we sat down to discuss potential styles and names it was decided that there was only one artist to honor with this beer, legendary Seattle artist, Sir Mix A Lot,” says Matt Stromberg, the head brewer at Scuttlebutt. “Therefore Baby Got Back Ale is a Bavarian style hefe with a big finishing hop addition of Huell Melon hops. The beer is a classic Bavarian hefe with clove and banana notes right up front that carries to bottom, pun intended, of the glass. On the tail end, pun intended again, it finishes with a beautiful melon note, and a delicate strawberry finish. It is 6.5 percent ABV and roughly 15 IBUs.”

The beer is available as part of a Brews Brothers mix-pack featuring all four of the collaboration beers (pictured below), which are available in British Columbia.


Sadly, this beer is not available south of the border. I don’t usually make a habit of sharing information about beers you cannot get, but this one is not entirely unobtainable. Although there is a virtual wall between the USA and Canada when it comes to beer, because of cumbersome export/import laws, I’ve heard no discussion of building an actual wall along our northern border. The beer and brewing scene in Vancouver is booming these days. Maybe this is your excuse to go visit.


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