Toilet paper and beer, two of life’s necessities come together this Saturday


By now I hope everyone is aware that the Washington Beer Blog is tracking the ways that Washington’s breweries are continuing to make beer available to customers during the COVID-19 shutdown. We aim to act as a conduit between you and the beer you love. See our list of breweries and how you can buy beer from them. There are over 100 breweries on the list.

Two local breweries recognized that along with precious beer, local beer fans may also be in need of extra toilet paper. Or, perhaps, some local beer aficionados are over-hoarding toilet paper.

Seapine Brewing, located in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood, is giving away toilet paper with to-go beer sales this Saturday. Meanwhile, down the street in Georgetown, Lowercase Brewing will operate a sort of beer and toilet paper exchange program.


Free TP at Seapine

When the big shutdown was announced, Seattle’s Seapine Brewing initially decided that they were shutting down the taproom entirely, not even offering beer to go, which is what many other local breweries are doing. Well, they are changing their tune a bit and will be open for to-go orders this Saturday, March 21.

“Big news beer friends! We’ve decided to open our doors this Saturday from noon to 6:00 PM. to provide you with all the beer you’ll need to ride out this period of social distancing!” says the announcement from Seapine Brewing. “We will be doing curbside growler sales of all our growler sizes (16-oz, 32-oz, and 64-oz). In addition to growlers, for the first time ever, we’ll be selling our half barrel [kegs] to the public!

“To sweeten the deal we’ll be throwing in a free roll of toilet paper with the purchase of every 64oz growler! You read that right, we want you to be prepared for EVERYTHING as you settle into the quarantine lifestyle.”

For more details, find Seapine Brewing on Facebook.

TP Exchange Progam at Lowercase Brewing

“As a small, local taproom we do more than just serve beer, we foster community,” says the announcement from Lowercase Brewing in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. “So, with that in mind, we would like to announce the first-ever (and hopefully last) Lowercase toilet paper exchange.”

This Saturday from 9:00 to noon Lowercase Brewing hosts a drive-thru toilet paper exchange at its taproom on Airport Way. If you are out of TP, you can get up to two rolls per person, just for the asking. If you have extra toilet paper, you can donate it in exchange for a coupon good for 50 percent off of a future purchase. They’re calling it a poupon.

As far as I know, Lowercase Brewing is not selling beer during the shutdown. Follow them on Facebook for updates.

“Turns out we are not made out of toilet paper,” said the announcement. “We have a bit of a stock to start, but this only works if we have an equal number givers and takers. So let’s do our dooty, people, and help each other out!”

“In addition, because all our precious coffee shops are closed, we will be selling our cold brew concentrate to help everyone power through. Bring a clean container and we will set you up with some delicious cold brew. We will even provide some recipes for how to best use it! Coffee and TP… a match made in heaven!”

Find Lowercase Brewing on Facebook