Seattle Architecture Foundation Discusses Ballard & Beer. You’re Invited

Tomorrow (Tues, June 10), the Seattle Architecture Foundation invites you to join them for a discussion of Ballard’s blossoming beer scene. The event takes place at Hilliard’s Beer and includes a happy hour with snacks and beer, followed by a discussion panel. The topic: Ballard and beer.

I will serve as the moderator of the panel, which will discuss a variety of topics related to Ballard, history, neighborhoods, architecture, and brewing beer. Below I share more information directly from the Seattle Architecture Foundation’s website. Tickets are just $15, available online or at the door.

Here is the info directly from the website:

Doors Open at 5:30 for a pre-event happy hour with complimentary snacks and kraut samples provided by OlyKraut. Hilliard’s Beer will be available for purchase. To read more about our speakers Click Here.

Beer has always flowed in Seattle, but in recent times, this drink has enjoyed a surge in popularity, with the Ballard neighborhood as the latest epicenter of new microbreweries. How has this micro-industry re-appropriated the neighborhood and shaped its community culture. What challenges and design issues arose during the rehabilitation of Ballard’s old buildings into breweries?

Guest Speakers:
Adam Robbings, Co-Founder & Head Brewer, Reuben’s Brews
Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog
Renee Martin, Vice President, Ballard Historical Society
Mike Calkins, Mint Seattle Design, A Seattle-based brand agency
David Goldberg, Senior Planner, City of Seattle DPD



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