Seattle Beer Week – Opening Night at Naked City

by North Seattle Sarah, Senior Northend Correspondent and Chief of the Washington Beer Blog’s North Seattle Bureau.

Let me preface this by pointing out to those that don’t already know, that I am challenging myself to go to a different event essentially every day of Seattle Beer Week. Having a day job, a weekend job, and hyperactive dog makes this a huge undertaking for me, but I promise that I am under extreme guidance from Mr. and Mrs. Beerblog. Sometimes we have to stretch ourselves for the sake of journalism – for some it’s travelling to dangerous locations. For me, it’s drinking beer.

And so it begins

Seattle Beer Week kicked off Thursday with a progression event stopping at four great locations around Seattle. Being the lazy person I am, I decided to pass up the first three stops (Maritime, Brouwer’s, and Pyramid), and head straight for location #4 – Naked City. This way, the party comes to me.

And boy did the party come. Although Naked City was the fourth stop, it was so packed when I arrived at 7:00 p.m. that they were checking ID’s at the front door (never seen that before), and it was standing room only inside; however, sometimes being a girl in a tight-fitting t-shirt has its benefits and a seat at the bar quickly opened up for me.

On the bar were three casks: Ram Pollinator Brown, Leavenworth Oaked Alt Bier, and Diamond Knot Twig n Berries Stout. Naked City also occupied roughly half of the tap handles themselves, featuring their new Clothe the Naked, FNG ESB, and the deadly Earl of Snohomish (weighing in at a whopping 12.5% ABV).

naked city crowd
Naked City crowd - Seattle Beer Week opening night.

On the menu, a few unusual items. Despite my extreme hatred towards pickles, I was somehow convinced to try pickled hop shoots from the boys of Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery. An interesting concept (both the hop shoots and the co-op), and likely a must-have for pickle lovers. As for me, I think I’ll stick to my pretzel and beer cheese next time.

pickled hop shoots
A plate of picked hop shoots.

And in the bar, an enormous amount of people having a great time. Owner and brewer Don Webb showed off his new Hoptrocity t-shirt which I had to get my hands on (girls sizes are also available for $17.50). Don is also taking pre-orders for a new hoodie design coming out soon.

don webb naked city
Don Webb in his new Hoptrocity shirt.

Today, it’s on to Seattle Beer Week event #2 for me: Kulture Freaks at Brouwer’s.

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