Seattle Beer Week Pick: Firkin-Firkin Throwdown

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Details are scarce for this one, but it doesn’t matter. You don’t need to know much. Just the where and the when will suffice. Firkin-Firkin Throwdown happens at Elysian Brewing’s Capitol Hill brewpub on Wednesday, May 14 from noon – 8:00. Firkin-Firkin never disappoints and often features beers that… uh… um… beers that you do not regularly see around here. This is one of my personal favorite Beer Week events. If you enjoy cask-conditioned beer, do not miss this one.

In the past, this event has featured firkins of Washington-brewed cask-conditioned beer lined up next to firkins of non-Washington cask-conditioned beer. The crowd drinks the beers and votes for favorites. Thus, it’s a throwdown: us against them. In the past, the visitors have represented particular states or regions of the country. But this year I guess Elysian Brewing (the hosts) decided to organize an All Star Firkin-Firkin Throwdown.

We have not yet been given details about the non-Washington beers involved, and there may well be a good reason for that, which we will not discuss. I trust that the folks at Elysian Brewing will not disappoint us.

* Seattle Beer Week 2014 runs from May 8th thru 18th this year. If you’re hosting/organizing an event, send me some information. The closer to “publishable” and “complete” your information, the better your chance of seeing it here on the blog. Images help a lot.

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