Seattle International Beer Fest

Nothing screams “Home of the brave” quite like a nice Norwegian IPA or a Japanese stout. What could be more American than drinking an Italian barley wine or a Kenyan lager? After all, America is the world’s melting pot. The world’s brew kettle, if you will. In that regard, an international beer celebration is an American celebration. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but if you’re sticking around town for the 4th of July weekend you should seriously consider heading to the Seattle International Beer Festival at Seattle Center (Fri-Sun). No doubt, the weather is going to be great for a beer festival.

While the event focuses on international beer, you will also find some domestic offerings. Representing Washington are Trade Route and Silver City.  That’s all. Well, okay, New Belgium will be  pouring Trip #1, which is technically a Washington beer by virtue of New Belgium’s collaboration agreement with Elysian.

Our friends over at Seattle Beer News posted a story about the event (Click Here). They know more about this one than we do. We are the Washington Beer Blog and we do not apologize for shamelessly promoting Washington beer. That having been said, we aren’t so foolish as to suggest that Washington brewers make the only good beer in the world. I mean, seriously, we’re homers but we aint stupid.

Who knows, maybe I’ll put on a disguise and go sample a Slaapmutske Triple or a Tusker Kenyan Lager. So if you see a big white guy who looks like D.B. Cooper in a dashiki, say “Afya!” That means cheers in Swahili.


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