Seattle’s top breweries, as picked by our readers

If you asked a random sampling of 100 local beer lovers to choose a favorite Seattle brewery, which breweries would get the most votes? The other day we gave away a pair of tickets to Thursday’s BREW Seattle beer event, the city’s first “Seattle breweries only” beer fest. (Tickets are still available.) To do so, we conducted a random drawing to determine a winner. To enter the drawing, we asked people to tell us their favorite Seattle brewery in the form of a comment on our Facebook page.

We didn’t think of it at the time, but this was a sort of popularity contest. This was not any sort of official people’s choice award, but a random sampling of people naming a favorite Seattle brewery. Think of it as a double-blind vote: the people who voted didn’t know that they were voting for a favorite Seattle brewery, they just thought they were entering a contest to win tickets. In the end, more than 100 people left comments.

Impressively, out of 110 comments, no one brewery received more than 18 mentions and at least a dozen different breweries received “votes.” No brewery received more than 20 votes. Of Seattle’s approximately 40 breweries, there are just so many worth loving. I suppose that’s the point of BREW Seattle.

So, without further delay… drum roll please…

Here are the top Seattle breweries as named by the people who entered our ticket drawing:

  1. Fremont Brewing
  2. Elysian Brewing
  3. Reuben’s Brews
  4. Schooner Exact Brewing

Beyond that, there were many ties.

I should note that we tallied the number of mentions for each brewery. Some people could not choose just one brewery, mentioning more than one brewery in their comment. In other words, if they mentioned both Fremont Brewing and Elysian Brewing, we considered it one vote for each. Also, we ignored several people who failed to understand the boundaries and named breweries that are not in Seattle.


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