Seattle’s Fair Isle Brewing announces plans for expansion


Note – As with all crowd funding initiatives, Washington Beer Blog does not endorse this effort and encourages people to do their own due diligence. We simply share the news.

To date, Seattle’s Fair Isle Brewing has existed in enigmatic anonymity. The brewery is focused on mixed-culture and wild-fermented beers and operates a bit differently than most breweries. I’ve seen their beer at one festival, last year’s KEXP Farmhouse Beer Fest. They did one beer release at about the same time. Beyond that, I don’t know. Operating more or less off the radar, Fair Isle Brewing has built a substantial network of supporters/fans who are excited about their approach (described below). The brewery is now looking to take another step forward, offering you a chance to get involved on the ground level.

Artists rendering. Fair Isle Brewing.
Architect’s rendering. Fair Isle Brewing.

Fair Isle Brewing recently launched a NextSeed crowdfunding campaign that offers you a chance to invest in the company for as little as $100. Here are details from the brewery.


Fair Isle Brewing is excited to announce that they have launched a campaign to crowdfund investments with the community-driven financing and investment platform NextSeed. Local investors can invest as little as $100 in Fair Isle Brewing, seeking financial returns in addition to VIP perks.

Fair Isle Brewing will fill an underserved niche in Seattle’s otherwise vibrant craft beer scene by producing exceptional mixed-culture farmhouse ales. Fair Isle Brewing is spearheaded by Andrew Pogue and Geoffrey Barker, who are creating beers using a unique blend of wild yeasts and bacteria cultivated from the Cascades; and they are not doing it alone. Renowned Austin, Texas business Jester King Brewery is involved with Fair Isle in an advisory capacity bringing years of knowhow and marketing weight to the new venture.

“Our philosophy revolves around creating beers that are of a moment and of a place. We are leveraging all of the resources available to us in the Pacific Northwest, the ambient yeast, the local fruits, grains and seasonal changes and then pulling that all together to create a beer that truly shows our intent and reflects our local neck of the woods” says Fair Isle Brewing co-creator Geoffrey Barker.

Artists rendering. Fair Isle Brewing.
Architect’s rendering. Fair Isle Brewing.

Fair Isle’s sales focus will be on direct to consumer interactions through a comfortable and well designed tasting room and outdoor beer garden.  A small kitchen in the tasting room will also host local chefs for monthly pop-up beer pairing dinners and events giving customers an elevated tasting room experience.

“Over the past few years we have significantly grown our network of supporters and future customers.  Partnering with NextSeed further increases our ability to reach more people interested in being part of the growth of Farmhouse beer in the Pacific Northwest. We look forward to sharing our beer with everyone but especially with the people that are helping us get started” says Andrew Pogue.

Learn more about the offer: www.nextseed.com/teamfairisle