Session Fest Celebrates Sessionable Beers

I must admit it, last weekend’s Washington IPA Challenge took its toll on me. It wrecked me like an old Chevy. Not a surprising outcome when you spend an entire Saturday afternoon quaffing big, bold, fire-breathing IPAs that tickle your palate at 75+ IBUs and smack you upside the head with 7.5+ ABV. Today’s announcement from the Northwest Beer Guide that they’ll be sponsoring the first-ever Session Fest is welcome news.

In conjunction with a number of the Seattle-Tacoma area’s finer beer spots, Northwest Beer Guide has organized a week-long celebration of lighter fare (Sept. 6 -12). That doesn’t mean watered-down rice beer. We’re talking about fine, hand-crafted ales and lagers that just happen to weigh in at less than 5.1% alcohol.

Session Fest is about getting together with friends or strangers to enjoy a few pints and some good conversation, without the need to make a sizable investment in Excedrin the next morning. Heck, you might even remember what you were talking about. What a concept!

The event will run for one week — from Sunday, September 6th through Saturday, September 12th. To find a pub near you that is participating, and to learn more about the Session Fest in general, go to