Silver City Brewery and Fremont Brewing earn top honors from Paste magazine

Congrats to Silver City Brewery and Fremont Brewing! Paste Magazine just completed a blind tasting of 104 winter beers, selecting a top 30 to mark the best of the bunch. Two of our local breweries scored incredibly well. In the end, two of the top four beers were from Washington. Read the article on Paste.

When Paste says winter beers, they admit it’s a bit of a catchall term. They describe the parameters for the tasting as “anything with holiday or winter theming.” The field included beers from across the nation and around the world, some from familiar and respected breweries like Fat Head’s, Ommegang, and Uinta, others from lesser-known breweries like Karbach Brewing, Red Hare Brewing, and MadTree Brewing.

Only three Washington breweries submitted be for judging: Elysian, Fremont, and Silver City. Two of those breweries scored very high marks, making it into the top 30.

Silver City Brewery landed two brews in the top 30. Old Scrooge Ale landed in 20th place and the bourbon barrel-aged version of Old Scrooge landed in 3rd place. Fremont Brewing B-Bomb (Bourbon Abominable) landed in 4th place.

The only two beers to rank higher than B-Bomb and Bourbon Old Scrooge were St. Bernardus Christmas Ale and Scaldis Noel, both outstanding, renowned beers from Belgium. Congrats to Silver City and Fremont! That is some outstanding company!

I’m not saying that Washington-brewed winter beers are as good as any winter beers in the world, I’m just saying that Washington-brewed winter beers are as good as any winter beers in the world.


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  1. Fremont’s B-Bomb this year was especially good fresh compared to previous vintages. I’m not surprised it fared well. I don’t know if the blended in more older beer or what but it’s not quite so hot as in the past. Hopefully it still ages gracefully but I don’t think aging is as necessary now as in the past.

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