Silver City Brewing Releases It’s First-Ever Wet Hop Beer

Say it with me slowly: fresh, whole-cone Citra hops. I like the way that rolls off the tongue. I suspect I’ll like the way it rolls back on the tongue as well.

Let’s face it, if I did a post every single time someone brewed a wet hop (or fresh hop) beer, I’d probably crash the server. But this one is a bit different. Can you believe that Silver City Brewing has never done a wet hop beer until now? I know, kind of surprising. I figure this one is worth a mention because pretty much everything Silver City does turns to gold.  (See what I did there? Clever.)

Here’s the announcement from Silver City Brewing that I received via email this afternoon. It including a list of where you can expect to find the beer.

Silver City Brewery announces its first-ever wet-hop beer.

The brewing staff of Silver City Brewery recently had the privilege of traveling to Eastern Washington to obtain a batch of fresh, whole-cone Citra hops.

Within 48 hours, these hops were utilized in an all-new recipe, created just for the occasion. “Citra Wet-Hop Pale Ale” is an exclusive, draft-only release that will soon begin to appear in bars & taverns around the Peninsula.

Silver City Brewery hopes that you have opportunity to enjoy this limited, one-time offering. The brewing staff had an immense amount of fun producing it, and they hope the care and pride they take in their craft is evident from the first taste.

Beer Description:

Every fall, brewers around the world anxiously await the harvest of a principal brewing ingredient – the hop. Hops are traditionally dried, losing some of their intense raw character while retaining the necessary oils to season beer. Some brewers make the extra effort to obtain farm fresh or “wet” hops to create something special. This year, Silver City showcases the green, unkilned character of the Citra Hop. This beer features aromas of tangerine and orange blossom and full flavors reminiscent of pineapple and pine resin creating a tantalizing experience for any hop lover. 6.1%ABV

Account List:

Chuck’s 85th – Seattle, WA

Beer Junction – Seattle, WA

Noble Fir – Seattle, WA

The Sixgill – Seattle, WA

Whiskey Bar – Seattle, WA

Wedgewood Ale House – Seattle, WA

Hopvine Pub – Seattle, WA

Neighbor Lady – Seattle, WA

99 Bottles – Federal Way, WA

The Parkway Tavern – Tacoma, WA

Pint Defiance – Tacoma, WA

Engine House 9 – Tacoma, WA

The Red Hot – Tacoma, WA



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