SIP Northwest Takes a Gulp of the NW Beer Scene

I subscribe to a few different beer publications. I pick up others whenever I visit one of the bigger magazine racks. Some of them, like Beer Advocate, are no frills beer rags packed with highly informative and sometimes technical content of interest to no one but the most severely afflicted beer geek. Uh, like me. Others, such as Draft magazine, are more like beer porn: glossy pictures of beautiful brews simply intended to make beer lovers drool. I love them all. Beer magazines rock.

SIP Northwest is a beautiful and informative lifestyle magazine focused on the best beverages, dining and destinations the Northwest has to offer. The writing and editing are excellent (I notice such things) and the layout is always gorgeous. What’s more, it’s regional. I was reading it long before they called me. I am now proud to say that I am a contributor.

The only complaint I’ve ever had about SIP is a lack of beer content. Of course, knowing me, I’m likely to complain about a lack of beer content in Sports Illustrated. It wasn’t wholly absent, but there was room for more beer stuff in SIP. Thankfully that has changed. The current issue of SIP Northwest is on the racks waiting for you and it is bursting with beer content. This is the annual “beer issue” but insiders tell me that greater attention to the beer scene is part of the plan moving forward.

I recommend picking up a copy of the current issue. Not because I contributed three sizable articles, but because it is a beautiful magazine dedicated to the Pacific Northwest beer scene. I am not the only author who contributed. This baby is chock-full of delicious beer content. Warning: you might learn something.

You can find SIP Northwest at pretty much any larger magazine stand. For example, I just saw it on the rack at the Metropolitan Market. That’s what prompted me to write this post. Pick up a copy and reward SIP Northwest for increasing its attention to the beer scene.