Six seasonal beers from Lucky Envelope Brewing


Seattle’s Lucky Envelope Brewing introduces six beers for the season, part of the brewery’s rebounding from the recent COVID-related closures. The beers range in style from a dry-hopped pilsner to a barrel-aged imperial porter, from a two pepper pale ale to a guava sour. Here’s more information straight from the brewery.

“Recovering from the impacts of Covid-19 and a temporary shutdown, Lucky Envelope is making up for lost time by providing a large variety of seasonal beer offerings from production scale collaborations to micro-batch limited releases and barrel-aged beers. The beer offerings outlined below highlight a multi-faceted brewing program that strives to please a range of beer drinkers. Enjoy the lightest of our seasonal offerings with a dry-hopped Crispy Demon Pilsner collaboration with Ravenna Brewing or really dig-in with the Whiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial Porter with Coconut or Coolship Runnings Sour Red, both products of our years-in-the-making barrel program.”




Beer: Crispy Demon Golden Pilsner (5.5% ABV, 35 IBU)

Availability: Currently Available on Draft, Mixed 4-Pack Cans (2x16oz Crispy Demon and 2x16oz Haze Fiend- $18)

Description: Part 1 of a monster double feature show brought to you by Lucky Envelope and Ravenna Brewing Company. A golden pilsner brewed with Skagit Valley Bohemian Francin malt and dry-hopped with Loral and Mosaic. Crispy Demon is a ghoulishly good pilsner that pours clear and golden with a fruity, floral hop character and crisp, dry finish. The Crispy Demon Golden Pilsner is available on draft and in a mixed 4-pack of cans alongside part 2 of the collaboration brewed and canned at Ravenna Brewing Company, the Haze Fiend Hazy IPA (7.0% ABV). Haze Fiend is a scary hoppy Hazy IPA brewed with Mecca Grade Estate Malt and showcasing Strata, Mosaic, and Loral hops.

Beer: Cryo Juicy IPA (6.5% ABV, 70 IBU)

Availability: Currently Available on Draft & 4-Pack Cans (4x16oz- $16)

Description: This latest addition of our rotating ENIAC IPA series features Cryo Ekuanot, Amarillo, and Simcoe with Mosaic pellet hops. Cryogenic hop-processing by Yakima Chief concentrates lupulin for an extra potent hop burst while reducing the potential for astringent bitterness. Fermented with a yeast strain called “Juice”, this IPA resembles a super hazy IPA with a full, juice-like mouthfeel.


Beer: Guava Sour (5.7% ABV, 3 IBU)

Availability: Currently Available on Draft & 4-Pack Cans Available Wednesday 8/26 (4x16oz- $18)

Description: We loaded our bright and delightfully acidic base golden kettle sour with 35lbs per barrel of guava puree. The bold, tangy guava makes this beer crushably juicy and finishes with an easy drinking mild tartness.

Beer: Whiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial Porter, Copperworks Blend with Coconut (11.5% ABV, 42 IBU)

Availability: Currently Available on Draft (limited quantity) & 500ml Bottles ($12)

Description: Our Imperial Porter matured in Copperworks Whiskey Hogsheads for just over a year then was blended and balanced to produce the ideal character. These whiskey barrels added tasting notes of cocoa, burnt caramel, and a light touch of oak to the rich, chocolatey base beer. We then supplemented this blend with 12lbs per barrel of toasted coconut resulting in subtle notes of young coconut on the nose and in the finish.

Beer: Coolship Runnings Barrel-Aged Sour Red, Single Barrel #29 (6.1% ABV, 13 IBU)

Availability: Currently Available on Draft (limited quantity)

Description:  For this release, we are tapping the final unblended kegs of Coolship Runnings Sour Red, Barrel 29. Our farmhouse red ale was brewed in 2018 and chilled in our koelschip overnight in front of Lucky Envelope Brewing which allowed the beer to be spontaneously inoculated with truly local yeast and bugs. This first batch of our growing koelschip program resulted in a barrel so delicious unblended, we had to release it on its own. Our Barrel 29 Sour Red was fermented and aged in neutral oak barrels for a year and bursts with notes of raspberry, cherry skin, caramel, cocoa, and balanced with wine barrel oakiness.

Beer: Two Pepper Pale Ale (5.3% ABV, 27 IBU)

Availability: Currently Available on Draft (limited quantity)

Description:  Seasonal favorite, the Two Pepper Pale Ale, has been on hiatus but will be returning in a very limited quantity to celebrate the final sizzle of summer. This beer is formulated to celebrate the bold flavors of the fruity Habanero and the citrusy Japanese Shishito. Brewed with fresh, 75% deseeded peppers, it packs an earthy aroma and finishes with a kiss of heat that allows the character of the ale to shine in equal measure.



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