Sixgill Beer Dinner with The Bruery

The Sixgill bar and restaurant in Fremont invites you to join them for a very special beer and food experience featuring beers from The Bruery. This beer dinner (menu below) takes place on Monday, July 22 at 6:30 p.m.  Reservations are required. Call the Sixgill and reserve your spot at the table (206) 466-2846. The dinner at The Sixgill consists of six dishes, each thoughtfully paired with beer from The Bruery. The  cost is $65 per person.

Many local beer geeks are already familiar with The Bruery—Orange County, California’s award-winning craft brewery. It’s no secret that this brewery produces some of the best Belgian-inspired beers this side of the Atlantic, but what really sets The Bruery apart really has nothing to do with Belgium: they are fueled by a passion for flavor. It’s one of the things that brewers and chefs have in common.  Sure, The Bruery lists the beers of Belgium among their influences, but they also list things like Thai food, sweet potato pie, and freshly cut lavender. 


  • Hottenroth Berlinerweisse paired with chipotle-honey bacon wrapped shrimp skewers and zucchini & cheese skewers
  • Saison Rue paired with Summer vegetable tostada
  • Sour in the Rye paired with grilled peach, based, pinenuts and marinated chevre
  • Sans Pagaie Cherry Sour paired with grilled Copper River salmon, cous couse, cherry tomatos, charred walla walla onions
  • Tart of Darkness Dark Sour paired with plum-molasses BBQ ribs, beer baked beens, carrot & cabbage slaw
  • Melange #3 (blend of Balck Tuesday, White Oak & Papier) paired with grilled s’mores, stout grenache and graham cracker