Smitty’s Brewing – New brewery focuses on helping veterans

Smitty’s Brewing Company is a nano brewery operating out of a private residence in Bremerton, Washington. The company is veteran-run, veteran-owned and donates a portion of the proceeds from all beer sales to help America’s veterans.

Currently, Smitty’s beers are available at R & H Market & Gas (8802 NW Newberry Hill Rd, Silverdale) and Local Boys Tap Room (6702 Tyee Dr NW #103, Gig Harbor).

Here’s more about the brewery and its commitment to veterans, straight from the company’s website.

Honor, Courage and Commitment are words we live by even after uniformed service to our country. We are those who suffered in harm’s way, those who volunteered to step up and defend, and those who gave all. We are veterans, proud through and through, constantly striving for excellence, forever in service of our countrymen…… you.

Smitty’s Brewing is a veteran owned and veteran run business that will always strive to maintain a minimum of 50% employees as veterans. While it’s one way we support our veteran brothers and sisters, another is 5% of our annual profits will directly benefit homeless vets.

Located in Bremerton, Washington Smitty’s Brewing is a PNW brewery like no other in the United States, wholeheartedly believing in producing excellent beer and merging it with a great cause. So drink-em-up and support a veteran and enjoy some of the best beers and ciders the PNW has to offer.


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  1. I have bought a Smittys beer and was balanced nicely. I typically like Belgians, but seen a Smittys old oak and was a good tasting beer. I also seen that that they support veterans, however I did not know that there employees are 50% veterans makeso me want to support their company even more.
    Thanks for your service and support, from one veteran to anotheread. Hats off to you.

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