Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Flood Update

We were happy to get word today that the Snoqualmie Falls Brewery and Taproom (located in the town of Snoqualmie and too close to the river for comfort) made it through last week’s flooding relatively unscathed. Now that they have lived to tell the story, they need our support. Consider a trip up to the taproom for a beer and a sandwich. Look for Snoqualmie Falls beer at your local retailer or bar. Show ’em some love. 

Here is the official all-clear from David Siegel at Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company.

“We just wanted to thank everyone for all of the phone calls, emails and support! The Brewery and Taproom dodged a bullet and have made it through the Flood in as good a condition as could be expected. A little bit of water got into the Taproom, but only made its way partially up the ramp. Back in the Brewery, we were exceptionally lucky as there was minimal damage even though the water level rose to above our loading dock!”

“Although some of the local roads are still closed, the Taproom is open! Come on down on your way back from the Summit, to watch the NFL Playoffs, or just to grab a cold one!”