Snoqualmie Falls Resurrects the Black Frog

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company recently introduced a new stout to the lineup. Actually, they resurrected an old stout — Black Frog. The name is the same but the beer has changed. This time around, Black Frog is a Nitro Oatmeal Stout.

Brewed in the spirit of the classic Irish Stouts such as Guinness, Murphy’s, and Beamish, Black Frog Nitro Oatmeal Stout has many of the same ingredients, including un-malted roasted barley to give it a semi-acidic roasty tang. To mix things up a bit, they also use chocolate malt to produce an espresso, coffee character. Using rolled oats instead of flaked barley produces a smooth mouth feel which, when combined with the use of nitrogen, adds to Black Frog’s smooth texture.

(Aside… Nitro beers use nitrogen instead of CO2 to “charge” the beer. We all know that CO2 adds bubbles to beer. On a molecular level, nitrogen bubbles are smaller than CO2 bubbles. Using nitrogen to “charge” the beer produces a smoother “mouth feel.” That’s why the term “silky” is so often used as a valid descriptor for nitro beers.)

Black Frog has been available in the Snoqualmie Falls Taproom for some time, but has now started to pour at some of the finest beer establishments in Western Washington.

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