Some big time changes at Big Time Brewery

If I told you they were hanging Budweiser neon signs in the windows at the Big Time Brewery, how would you feel? What if I told you that they were stocking the back bar with booze bottles? Personally, I might think it was a sign that the end was near: that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse might soon be marching up University Avenue. Well, it’s all true. Kind of.

On the scene with Hollywood at the Big Time Brewery

by Drew Cluley – Head Brewer, watchman, set re-decorator, and janitor at Big Time Brewery.

It has been a weird 24 hours at the Big Time Brewery. I guess it’s always weird when Hollywood knocks on your door. Yesterday (9/14) at 6am they started rolling in the gear to set up a few scenes from the movie that has been shooting around the U-District for the past four weeks. 21 And Over is a movie by John Lucas and Scott Moore, the writers of 2009’s blockbuster Hangover. The plot is a college student turns 21 the night before his medical school entrance exam and his childhood buddies show up at college to take him on his 21 run. Sounds like another Hangover in the making.

Rigging the lights over the bar.

When the Big Time was contacted and ultimately contracted to be a location we were requested to shut down for 2 days, Wednesday and Thursday , 9/14-15. Originally two 12 hour sessions were needed. Tuesday it was decided that they needed unfettered access for 48 hours. That is why I sit here at 5:15am watching the riggers set the next scene that will commence shooting at 3pm.  I put in a good 10 hours yesterday and will put in another 12 today as the management of Big Time aid and abet the re-inventing of the Big Time to Hollywood specifications.

It was shocking to see how much re-decorating was required. TV’s removed, the hanging of product placement signs from yellow fizzy mega brewers, new pendant lamps hung, 100 booze bottles staged on the back bar, a $400 cork back board and dart board installed, delivery and installation of neon signs from Hales, Rainier, Pyramid, blackout sheets on all windows and skylights, and hundreds of pounds of lights hung from the ceiling.

After 10 hours of set up the actors arrived at 4pm to begin rehearsals, and 80 extras began to cue up in the back alley to await their assigned placement.  Each was handed a beer or cocktail glass with varying amounts of liquid.  “Two Bud Lights” – were the 3 words that stung the most.  Here they are in the 23 year old Big Time Brew Pub, and the script calls for the actor to order 2 Bud Lights, not two Bhagwan’s, nor two Coal Creek Porters.  Boo product placement!  At least our tap handles and beer list remain.

5:15 a.m. All quiet on the set.

The movie does not yet have a release date but I will be interested to see what the Big Time looks like on the big screen and if it is recognizable as a brew pub, or if it just comes off like another anonymous college bar.

The Big Time will reopen on Friday 9/16 at 11:30am – with our regular line up of world class craft brewed beer.

Here is a brief video of the chaos.

For more on the movie click here.

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  1. “100 booze bottles staged on the back bar” — I hope that they were filled with the real liquids and left behind. Please put some of the good stuff out of sight until I visit.

  2. Did you at least get a chance to be in a scene, Drew? It would be fun to see the movie and try to find you. Loraine

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