Sour Beer Release Today at Schooner Exact. And That Aint All

It’s been a big week for Schooner Exact Brewing. To begin with, this week marks the first anniversary of the pub. Guided by Chef Warren Peterson, Schooner Exact dishes up some amazing food to accompany its tasty brews.  If you’ve never been, it will exceed your expectations. They’ve been celebrating all week with special offers and special beers. The celebration continues through the weekend.

Last night, they tapped the 2012 Bourbon Aged Imperial Porter on draft (I bet it’s not all gone yet). Today, Saturday, November 9, Schooner Exact will release its Raspberry Wheat Sour.

schooner_sour_wheatTo be honest, and don’t hate me for it, I was fortunate enough to extort a sample of the beer last night. (I threatened to expose some family secrets.) Sour beer fans are in for a serious treat. This beer is amazing. Probably one of the best Washington-created sours I’ve ever tasted. The pub opens at 11:00 a.m. Get there. Drink this. My highest recommendation.

Tomorrow, Sunday, November 10, Schooner Exact will release Hoppy the Woodsman  in bottles and on draft. Plus, they’ll offer a three-year vertical tasting of Hoppy Holidays (2011, 2012, 2013).

As if that isn’t enough, on Thursday night the Beveridge Place Pub (blog sponsor) announced Schooner Exact 3 Grid IPA as the winner of this year’s Hoptoberfest tournament. That means 3 Grid IPA will be the house IPA at the Beveridge Place Pub for 2014. It is an honor for anyone to win, but it is especially poignant for Schooner Exact. This represents a sort of homecoming. About six years ago, the Beveridge Place hosted the official launch party and for the first time people drank Schooner Exact’s beer.

Congratulations to Schooner Exact, for a few different reasons.