South Puget Sound Community College now offering a Craft Brewing degree


Not long ago we told you about the University of Washington’s Craft Beer Certificate Program (read about it here). The goal is to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the craft beer industry. But that’s not the only place in Washington’s South Sound region where you can learn to brew.

South Puget Sound Community College now offers a Craft Brewing and Distilling degree. (Read about that program below.) The school recently announced that it plans to expand the program in partnership with Craft District, LLC, a company that is developing real estate around the old Olympia Brewery.

According to a story published by Business Examiner Media, South Puget Sound Community College will partner with Craft District, LLC to lease space in a facility near the former Olympia Brewery in Tumwater.

Craft District LLC is described as a group that wants to bring a brewery and distillery to Capitol Boulevard in Tumwater. It’s no secret that ever since the old Olympia Brewery closed in 2003 the cities of Olympia and Tumwater have been looking for a real estate developer interested in revitalizing the area’s proud brewing history, focusing on the long-vacant location of the old brewery.

Since August, Craft District LLC has been developing a 10-acre lot on Capitol Boulevard that has already has landed two commercial tenants: Sandstone Distillery and Heritage Distilling Company. SPSCC plans to link its program with those two companies to provide students with hands-on educational opportunities.

South Puget Sound Community College intends to lease up to 10,000 square feet at the location where it will have classrooms, laboratories, offices, a conference room, and a small-scale production space.

Dr. Timothy Stokes, SPSCC President told Business Examiner Media, “This is exactly the kind of space and partnership we were hoping to find for our program. Co-locating our educational program with these successful local organizations will give our students a broad depth of experience and exposure to industry best practices. This great location will also allow us to build partnerships with manufacturers throughout the South Sound that will create a critical employment pipeline for our graduates.”

The college expects the facility to be ready fall quarter of 2018.  In the meantime, the program gets started this year at SPSCC’s campus in Olympia.

The college’s catalog describes the Craft Brewing and Distilling degree like this:

The Craft Brewing and Distilling program prepares students to enter the industry with a solid understanding of the science, technology, business, and creative elements that are essential for successful employment in the craft beverage industry. Students will learn about the production process, including the sourcing of raw materials, essential safety and maintenance skills, and the fundamentals of flavor and product analysis. Additionally, students will learn valuable skills related to the business and legal components of the craft beverage industry.

PROGRAM OUTCOMES: South Puget Sound Community College believes that all students need to develop a broad range of abilities that will not only make them more effective in their professional
pursuits but will enhance their capacity to relate well to others in their daily lives.

At the completetion of the Craft Brewing and Distilling Program, the successful student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate creativity and innovation in business practices related to brewing, distilling, and cider making
  • Create and market craft beverages that appeal to a diverse audience
  • Work within and adhere to a complex regulatory environment related to small craft beverage businesses
  • Recognize and adapt interpersonal behaviors, written communication and oral communication styles to effectively collaborate in a multicultural world
  • Identify and implement ethical and environmentally responsibly business practices related to product sourcing and production


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