South Sound Collaboration Beer Seeks Artwork

So you fancy yourself an artist? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to start designing graphics for the beer industry. Well here’s a chance. A group of brewers from the South Sound area are collaborating on a beer and they’re looking for artwork. They’re having a contest.

Requirements for the label artwork are as follows: fits onto a 4.8-inch (tall) by 4.5-inch (wide) label, contains no offensive words or images, and features no photographs of people (renditions and original artwork are acceptable). Entries must have layered and vectored art, should your label win.

Fish Brewing is running the contest and your submissions can be sent to [email protected] The deadline is January 25th. The breweries involved: Fish Brewing, Three Magnets Brewing, Top Rung Brewing, Harmon Brewing, and Pacific Brewing and Malting.

About the Contest:

Contest is limited to individuals 21+ years of age. The winning label will be decided by the collaborating breweries. In the event the label does not conform to the requirements or any government authority denies use of the imagery provided the collaborating breweries have the right to use the second place winner as the contest winner.

As long as legally allowed, the artist name will appear in each and every label printed. A signed release will be required by the winner allowing the one-time use of the artwork for the sales, promotion, and production of the image for this collaboration.

The winner’s name will be on all printed materials associated with the label design and will be announced on all participating breweries social media. The winner will also receive schwag from each brewery. Unfortunately, State law prohibits us from rewarding the winner with alcohol.

Fish Brewing Company has the right to alter art for the sole purposes of adding all required legal information on the label. This information includes, but is not limited to: serving size, government warning, bottler’s statement, collaboration statement, ABV, Beer style, and statement of composition.

To enter, please send your digital artwork to [email protected].com by the 25th of January.