Special collaboration beer release at Latona Pub on March 5th


On Monday, March 5th Latona Pub will tap into a very special beer, a collaboration beer created by five of Washington’s brightest up-and-coming breweries: Chainline Brewing, Matchless Brewing, Skookum Brewery, Three Magnets Brewing, and Urban Family Brewing. Along with this new IPA, Latona Pub will also tap into some special beers from each of the breweries involved. The party starts at 6:00.

From the Latona Pub Facebook page: “Join us on March 5th in celebrating the friendship between five of Washington’s most up-and-coming brewers—Chainline, Skookum, Urban Family, Matchless, and Three Magnets—who collaborated on a very special IPA called Too Long; Didn’t Read (or TL;DR for you redditers out there).”

“There’s only a few kegs of this beer, so you’ll want to make sure you get some that night!”

“We’ll also be tapping a bunch of fun specialty beers from each brewery, so come party with us and try some beers you might not normally be able to otherwise!”

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