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Special Release, Super Nerdy Beer from Black Raven Brewing

Black Raven Brewing is releasing a new and very interesting beer. This will be of particular interest to serious, serious beer nerds. It’s pretty crazy stuff.

But first, a little back story. In 2011 the Washington Beer Blog organized and hosted an event called BitterSweet Beer + Chocolate (read about it). For that event, we teamed up a selection of local breweries with the chocolate wizards at Theo Chocolate and told them to get creative. We were not looking for anything so simple as beer and chocolate pairings, rather we were looking for new, creative beers brewed using chocolate, chocolate’s constituent ingredients, or the chocolate manufacturing process’s byproducts.

BitterSweet Beer and Chocolate Event
BitterSweet tasting menu

The resulting beers were amazing, as was the event showcasing the beers. BitterSweet was an intimate and unique event. There had never been anything quite like it. We felt like we’d captured lightning in a bottle and decided that we would not try to duplicate the affair.

Black Raven Brewing was one of the participants in BitterSweet Beer + Chocolate. What they’re doing now sounds oddly familiar and we are happy, and a bit proud, that they’ve continued the experiment.

“We are releasing a really unique beer tomorrow,” said Tom Mace, a brewery at Black Raven. “Essentially we made a chocolaty dark beer, then secondary fermented it with the wild fauna that grow on raw chocolate beans.”

Of course they did. I mean, why wouldn’t they? Everybody does that, right?

“The beer picked up a lot of raw chocolate flavor as well as drying out really far because of the nature of the yeasts and other organisms on that raw chocolate. It has a lot of cocoa powder character, as well as wild fermentation character. About 10% ABV, super dry.”

Tomorrow (Tuesday, April 8), Theo Chocolate will be at Black Raven for the release. They’ll bring a special selection of chocolates to pair with the beer. They’ll be serving the beer and answering questions about it from 3:00 – 7:00

This was a small-batch beer and Black Raven is not at all worried about the beer selling out, they just want to make sure that the most ardent beer nerds know about.

To learn more about the beer and the event, visit the event page on Facebook.


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