Spinnaker Bay Brewing acquired by Northwest Peaks Brewery

Just got some news from Northwest Peaks Brewery. A couple months ago I heard a rumor that Spinnaker Bay Brewing had closed, or would be closing. It saddened me to hear this rumor, so I ignored it. Now, this makes more sense. One Seattle brewery has acquired another.

Northwest Peaks Brewery just announced that it has acquired Spinnaker Bay Brewing. Here’s the press release.

Northwest Peaks Brewery acquires Spinnaker Bay Brewing Assets

Seattle, WA – November 8th.  NW Peaks Brewery and Spinnaker Bay Brewing have come to an agreement to see NW Peaks Brewery purchase Spinnaker Bay Brewing’s assets, which includes its brewery and tap room. NW Peaks Brewery will also retain the current brewers and will be able to produce and distribute Spinnaker Bay Brewing’s beer for a limited time. The deal will be effective on December first, 2016.

NW Peaks Brewery was founded in 2010 in Ballard • Seattle and operated as a modest nano-brewery until 2014, when their lease was not renewed. Multiple attempts to move brewery operations have fallen just short and currently NW Peaks Brewery solely operates a taproom in Ballard: the Bergschrund by NW Peaks.

Spinnaker Bay Brewing was founded in 2012 by Janet Spindler and Elissa Pryor in the Hillman City neighborhood of Seattle as a microbrewery and taproom. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances have not allowed co-founders Janet Spindler and Elissa Pryor to achieve the growth, vision, and ongoing operations for SBB.

Both parties are excited about the current acquisition as it gives NW Peaks a new facility – a facility that SBB founders have nicely cultivated. NW Peaks will also continue – and grow – operations in the location as was the intention of SBB.

NW Peaks founder Kevin Klein says, “We are very excited about what this means for NW Peaks Brewery, for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it allows us to brew again. … to produce small batches of unique and interesting beer that our original patrons have come to expect and have since missed. Second, it fits with our longer terms goals as the facility is already set up for expanded production, including being able to install a larger brewhouse. As we have hit a roadblock with the city of Edmonds to build out a replacement “nanobrewery,” this is a perfect intermediary solution. Lastly, we will absolutely keep our presence in Ballard, but this will add to our exposure and attract more patrons from a different area of Seattle.”

As of December first, operations at SBB will remain temporarily unchanged until NW Peaks has begun brewing their own beers at the new location. Any changes will be announced as they occur.


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  1. Well, sub par beer and terrible salesmanship didn’t help this brewery in the area. I watched unfortunately on numerous occasions were the owner/rep grumbled about being “the local brewery and should have distributIon in this acct”. Just stating the facts.

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