Spokane Time Machine and Small Batch Beers at No-Li Brewhouse

Updated April 7, 2014 – Here is a new press release about the Small-Batch event, announcing more of the beers that will be poured at the event. See the original post (further below) for more details. We will not be adding any more information to this post. To find out more about the beers that will be featured at the event, as No-Li releases that information, keep an eye on their website and/or Facebook page.

Here’s the new press release:

Spokane, WA… No-Li Brewhouse will feature a cask-conditioned double IPA at their No Boundaries on the River Small Batch Beer Fest, in addition to eleven other single-keg offerings. The festival takes place at No-Li Brewhouse along the banks of the Spokane River, Saturday, April 26th, from 12-4pm.

In addition to the three beers announced last week – Freshly Dry-Hopped Whiskey Barrel Aged Jet Star IIPA, Quarter-Cask Whiskey Barrel Aged Spin Cycle Red Ale, and a Whiskey Barrel-Aged Madagasar Bourbon Vanilla Bean-Infused Wrecking Ball Imperial Stout (descriptions can be found here: – No-Li will have the following beers pouring at the NBOR festival:

1. Cask-Conditioned Comrade Double IPA

We are releasing a No Boundaries Small Batch Series double IPA just in time for the festival. This big IPA is brewed with two of our favorite hops at the moment: El Dorado and Amarillo (hence the name “Comrade!”). These two will deliver flavors and aromas of watermelon and cherries, grapefruit and lemon. Dry-Hopping at the end will lend a bright and fresh hop aroma. For the festival, the beer will be served old-school style: cask-conditioned!

2. Red-Wine Barrel Aged Jet Star Imperial IPA

Jet Star was aged on a second use wine barrel sourced from Townshend Cellars. This beer took on loads of oak character from the barrel. There are the classic flavors of sweet vanilla against the hop-character of the beer, and the hefty alcohol of the Jet Star extracted wonderful woody flavors and aromas as well.

3. Dry Fly Whiskey Barrel Aged Born & Raised IPA

Our flagship beer, Born & Raised IPA, aged in Wheat Whiskey barrel for three months. The character of the spirit compliments this IPA’s malt backbone exceptionally well. The piney hops meld together with the earthy char of the whiskey barrel, and the distinct coconut-like aroma plays nicely with the citrusy American hops.

While there is no entry fee, guests will need to buy a “taster package” in order to enjoy the specialty beers. The taster packages can be purchased online in advance to avoid waiting in line the day of the event.

For $15, guests receive a commemorative 5-oz taster glass and five 4-oz taster tickets. Additional taster tickets can be purchase the day of the festival for $2 each.

In addition, guests can pre-buy their limited release NBOR shirts online.

No-Li will have a special menu available that day, as well as live music and other “backyard games.”

For more information about the event, and to buy taster packages and shirts in advance, please visit


A couple bits of news today from Spokane’s No-Li Brewhouse. First, they’ve scored a fully restored gondola car from Expo 74, the world’s fair that took place in Spokane 40 years ago. The city of Spokane restored the gondola car and it is currently on display at No-Li Brewhouse. Talk about a time machine? I am old enough to remember, very vaguely, attending Expo ’74. Yes, I even have dim memories of riding the gondola over Spokane Falls.

Second bit of news is a follow-up to a post we did last week about some special events they have planned around their small-batch, limited release beers. No-Li has announced the first three beers in its No Boundaries on the River beer fest.


No-Li Brewhouse Announces First Three Beers Pouring at “No Boundaries on the River” Small Batch Beer Fest

Featuring Three Single-Keg-Only Whiskey Barrel-Aged Beers

Spokane, WA… No-Li Brewhouse announced the first three beers to be featured at “No Boundaries on the River” Small Batch Beer Fest, taking place at No-Li along the banks of the Spokane River, Saturday, April 26th, from 12-4pm.

The beers are as follows:

1. Freshly Dry-Hopped Whiskey Barrel-Aged Jet Star Imperial IPA

· Jet Star aged for 3 months in a whiskey barrel, imparting subtle sweetness and vanilla. The beer will then be freshly dry-hopped in the keg with Amarillo prior to release. This will give the beer a fresh hop aroma, bitterness, and flavor, layered on top of light, oaky barrel-aged flavors.

2. Quarter Cask Whiskey Barrel-Aged Spin Cycle Red Ale

· Spin Cycle Red aged in a 7-gallon barrel for two months. The smaller barrel accelerates aging by increasing surface area in contact with the beer. Lots of whiskey and oak characteristics, including notes of coconut and vanilla. The beer is lower in alcohol than your typical barrel-aged beer, and will be perfect for sipping as the weather starts to warm up.

3. Whiskey Barrel-Aged Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla-Infused Wrecking Ball Imperial Stout

· Aged in a second-use whiskey barrel, the Wrecking Ball picked up subtle flavors of dark, dried fruits, as well as body and sweetness from the barrel. The vanilla beans will be infused just prior to serving to compliment the vanilla notes from the oak and the subtle fruitiness developed by the alcohol and dark malts.

All of the beers at No Boundaries on the River are single-keg-only creations. Once the keg is empty, that beer is all gone!

Next week, No-Li will announce another three of the small batch beers to be featured at No Boundaries on the River, and will continue to announce them up until the week of the festival.

No-Li will have a special menu available that day, as well as live music and other “backyard games.”

There is no entry fee or ticket needed; guests pay as they go.

For more information about the event, please visit



About No-Li Brewhouse

In 2012, brewmaster Mark Irvin and craft beer industry vet John Bryant, teamed up to create No-Li Brewhouse, an internationally award-winning, Spokane-Style craft brewery from the Inland Empire of Washington.

No-Li has won nine international awards, including a gold medal from the 2012 Great American Beer Festival in the Extra Special Bitter category for their Spin Cycle Red.

The brewery currently distributes in 13 select states, and carries 22 oz bombers, 12 oz bottle 4-packs, and draft. For more information, visit

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