We have created some easy and affordable ways for you to promote your business, product, or event on the Washington Beer Blog.  To request pricing contact Kendall Jones via e-mail at washingtonbeerblog at yahoo.com, or by calling 206-218-7387.

We always maintain editorial integrity, but our sponsors get priority. We receive a lot of requests for coverage and our inbox is always full of press releases. We cannot possibly publish every bit of news that comes across the desk, but we always work to support and promote our sponsors. Unless it doesn’t make any sense for us to do so from an editorial standpoint, we will always publish your news and will gladly help promote your events, special releases, and whatever else.

Stats and Facts:

Facebook: We currently have over 3,500 Facebook fans. The number continues to grow. We post updates to our Facebook fan page every time we publish a story. In other words, we deliver a summary and link to over 2,000 Facebook fans each time we publish a story.

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RSS: Over 700 people consume our RSS feed. Their iGoogle homepage, MyYahoo homepage, or other feed reader is updated automatically each time we publish a new story. What does that mean? Every story we publish is distributed to at least 700 sets of eyeballs.

Volume: We publish approximately 1.3 stories per day—over 1,000 stories since we launched in October 2008.

Traffic: We have approximately 17,000 unique visitors each month and more than 20,000 page views each month. Even our slowest days produce hundreds of page views. This audience is real. They are interested and engaged. They spend an average of 2:15 (2 minutes, 15 seconds) on each page, which means they are reading the stories.

Affiliations: Washington Beer Blog is an official reader blog of www.seattlepi.com, so every post we write loads automatically to www.blog.seattlepi.com/washingtonbeerblog/, where our posts are read by a wider Northwest and national audience. Our stories can also be promoted to the front page of the Seattle P-I, creating massive spikes in traffic. This happened for the first time on March 25, 2010, less than one week after we established our affiliation with the Seattle P-I. We include multiple link-backs to stories on the blog so that readers have an opportunity with each post on www.seattlepi.com to come over to www.washingtonbeerblog.com and see the full range of stories we present.

Google Ranking: We enjoy top ranking for relevant key word searches, such as Washington beer, Washington breweries and Washington beer events. We also enjoy extremely high ranking when searching for beer-related news because of our affiliation with the Seattle P-I.

Our Mission: We’re on a mission and we need your help. The Washington Beer Blog’s purpose is to provide information to beer enthusiasts. Our mission is to help bolster the Washington craft beer scene and thereby increase the size of our audience. More craft beer enthusiasts translate into more people interested in our blog. Our intention is not to feed financially off of the craft beer industry, instead we aim to feed customers to the craft beer industry and help promote, expand and celebrate Washington’s vibrant craft beer culture. Your support helps us do that.

What We Don’t Do: We do not attract traffic just for traffic’s sake; instead, we are committed to driving the right kind of traffic to our site. It is easy to “drive the numbers up” if that is your goal. Our mission is to continue building our audience, not simply to inflate the number of hits to our site.

2 Responses to Sponsorship
  1. Timothy Colman
    May 1, 2014 | 8:02 am

    Hi from NE Seattle.

    I might be interested in advertising with you. How does that work?

    I have finally figured out some draft craft beer posters that I’d like to test sales for — see my Good nature Publishing front page http://www.goodnaturepublishing.com

    Thanks. And looks like we’ll have to add Lantern to the first poster on North Seattle Brewshed.


  2. Fanny
    June 6, 2014 | 6:23 am

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