Standard Brewing – Expansion Progress and Other News

If you’ve heard rumors that Standard Brewing is closed, you’ve hear wrong. The brewery in Seattle’s Central District is cranking out beer and the taproom is open regular hours. I stopped by Standard Brewing the other day to see firsthand how the expansion and remodel project is progressing and to sample some of Justin Gerardy’s latest creations. I first reported on the expansion plans last spring (read it).

Before I tell you about the progress, I should share some information about a very special beer dinner happening at Café Barjot featuring dished cooked with, and paired with, beers from Standard Brewing. That event happens tomorrow, Tuesday, December 15. Café Barjot is one of Seattle’s hidden culinary gems and they’ll be creating dishes that use not only the beer, but the ingredients. More info about the dinner here.

Expanding in all Directions

To begin with, the newly expanded patio is spacious. Located at the corner of 25th and Jackson (map), it’s hard to miss the patio and the large Standard Brewing sign on the side of the building. The patio, by the way, is covered and heated, with a projection television for game time. I was there on a cold, wet and blustery Saturday afternoon and was quite comfortable sitting outside.


Step from the patio into the taproom, which is still quite small, and you’ll notice the most significant change thus far: the big, new brewing system designed and built by Bridgetown Brew Systems of Portland, Oregon. No longer is Justin brewing one keg at a time on a self-fabricated Frankenstein system. In moving from his one-barrel system to the new, seven-barrel system, he didn’t miss a beat. The beers are still delicious and seem to have gained greater definition and sparkle.


As for the taproom’s indoor expansion, that project is currently underway. The space next-door, to the east of the patio, is being converted into a new, spacious bar and seating area. For now, the work is happening behind closed doors, but I did get to take a quick peek. They’re still in demolition mode, the first step in transforming the former, pint-sized mini-mart into a proper taproom. Eventually, you will enter the taproom from Jackson Street, then continue on to the beer garden from there.


Justin hesitates to share a predicted opening date for the new taproom. He’s a one-man show, doing all the work himself, for the most part, and doesn’t want to set unrealistic expectations. Simply put, he’s working his butt off and it will be done when it’s done.


For now, they’re open and pouring great beers at Standard Brewing. When I visited, the tap lineup was impressive. Some beers were familiar, others were new. Hop lovers should definitely try the Sweet Nothings, which Justin describes as a “zero” IBU India Pale Ale. Not to mention the West Coast IPA, which is a seriously hoppy dingdong. Another of my favorites was the Glass Jaw, a light and creamy wheat ale, dry-hopped lightly with Nelson Sauvin hops.

Attention bar owners (and kegerator owners, party throwers), Standard Brewing now has beer available for you. Justin would love to hear from you. (206) 535-1584, justin at


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