Steam Donkey Brewing steps up for the All Together project


A couple weeks ago, Other Half Brewing of Brooklyn, New York announced its All Together project, inviting breweries around the world to join them in brewing a beer to benefit workers in the hospitality industry. At least one brewery in Washington state has answered the call, Steam Donkey Brewing in Aberdeen.

The project is a challenge that Other Half Brewing threw out to other breweries across the country and around the world, asking them to brew an open-source beer and donating proceeds to support those workers in the hospitality industry whose livelihoods were impacted by the COVID-19 shutdowns.

“Raising awareness about the devastating losses in the hospitality industry is the core vision of this project,” says Matt Monahan, co-founder, Other Half Brewing. “We want to keep these losses at the forefront of conversations so that anyone who wants to help can learn what is happening and find a way to contribute to the recovery.”

Open-Source Beer?

First up, the open-source recipe created by Other Half Brewing is an IPA that brewers can modify within reason.

How does the project work? Brewers around the world are invited to participate by making a beer at the lowest possible cost, using the All Together open-source recipe, artwork, and name. In exchange, the collective asks that a portion of the proceeds go to supporting hospitality professionals in each brewery’s own community. The rest should be donated to keeping the brewery in business to weather this storm.

  • Recipe: Other Half Brewing created a base recipe that is easily brewed with commonly sourced ingredients. Each participating brewery can modify the beer as they see fit and brew it at their own convenience.
  • Artwork and Label: Stout Collective created the label artwork, which can be customized by each brewery, and Blue Label Printing has offered to print at cost.
  • Website: Craftpeak Team donated their time, talent & technology for the site

Breweries looking to participate should reach out to for more information. Beer drinkers can participate by signing up for the mailing list, finding beers brewed for the project, and helping spread awareness.

“When an idea makes sense, how can you not participate?” said Steam Donkey Brewing on Facebook. “Very grateful to Other Half Brewing for bringing this idea to light. We brewed this open-sourced IPA on Monday to be released in cans before the end of April.”

“Why? Because we are part of the hospitality industry, as are many of our friends, colleagues and family,” said the Facebook statement. “It feels even more important now that we support those individuals that have been caught in the middle of this. This beer is our way of giving back. That’s what beer is, it’s what we do. Trying our best to take care of the community around us. While this is a worldwide effort, the money we raise will stay local. We are currently looking for the best way to donate that will impact the greatest amount of people in the local hospitality community.”

If any other Washington breweries are participating in the All Together project, please reach out and let me know. [email protected]