Stout and Stoup – Brewers Night, Beer Dinner on Capitol Hill

Stout pub—the upscale, beer-focused restaurant on Capitol Hill—is partnering up with Stoup Brewing for a special brewers night event on Thursday, October 22nd. At the event, you will have an opportunity to sample the beer + food pairing that they’ll serve at Craft Beer + Food this year.

Craft Beer + Food is the event that my wife Kim and I organize and host each year to celebrate the magic of beer and food pairing. A dozen local breweries paired with a dozen local restaurants and food purveyors, creating a dozen different, usually outstanding beer + food pairings. It’s an amazing event, and we’re pretty proud of what we created. There’s only one problem. It sells out instantly and most people don’t get to enjoy the event.

But you can get in on some of the Craft Beer + Food action this year even if you don’t have tickets. Stout is partnered with Stoup Brewing for  Craft Beer + Food this year. To extend the party, on Thursday, October 22nd (the night following the event), Stout is hosting a brewers night with Stoup Brewing. That night the menu will include the dish they’ll be serving at Craft Beer + Food. So, you can get a taste of what you’re missing. Cruel, I know, but it’s the best we can do.

CraftLogoThe pairing Stoup and Stout will serve at Craft Beer + Food:  Stoup Marzen + Caribbean Spiced Pork Roast with ginger-apple butter (Marzen used in the recipe).

At the brewers night event on Thursday, October 22nd, you can order the dish and pair it with Stoup’s Marzen. For that matter, any of the other beers they’ll be pouring that night. But we suggest you stick with the chef’s recommended paring.

That night, they’ll pour Stoup Red Ale, Mosaic Pale, Export Stout and Marzen.

In addition, the Seahawks play the 49ers on Thursday Night Football, and they will have the game up on all the flat screens.



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  1. Regarding the October 12th article about WA now having 296 breweries. The following may make the list surpass 300 breweries!

    Ogre Brewing
    (part of Bailey’s Corner market)

    Paper Street Brewing

    Swinnerton Brewing

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