Strong Ale Fest at Pine Box on January 23 – only the biggest of beers


Attention all lovers of big beers. On Wednesday, January 23rd, Pine Box in Seattle presents it annual Strong Ale Fest. Once a year they raid the beer cellar in search of the biggest, strongest beers to warm you soul during the dark days of January. We’re talking about beers that tip the scales at 9 percent ABV and more. In some cases, a lot more.


Here’s what they’ve got lined up:

Avery Brewing Company Fimbulvvinter Rum Barrel Quad 16%
Cloudburst Brewing Barrel Aged Darkenfloxx Imperial Stout 9.1%
Delirium Brewery Tremens Bourbon Barrel Aged Noel 10%
Evil Twin Brewing Bozo Beer Imperial Stout 17.2%
Founders Brewing Co. Canadian Breakfast Stout 11.7%
Fremont Brewing Rusty Nail 14.5%
Future Primitive Brewing Young One Barleywine 11%
Georgetown Brewing 18lb Imperial Porter 9.2%
Holy Mountain Brewing. Plague of Angels 9.6%
The Lost Abbey Brandy Barrel Angels Share 12.5%
No Boat Brewing Company Marley Was Dead 2018 Imperial Stout 12%
Off Color Brewing Dino Smores Marshmellow Stout 10.5%
Perennial Artisan Ales Prodigal Stout 10.5%
Samichlaus Bier 14%