Sumerian Brewing beers now available in Germany


People sometimes ask me why Washington-brewed beers get so little love on the national beer scene. The answer is simple: nobody beyond our borders ever gets to drink it. Very few of our breweries export beer out of state, much less out of the country. Sumerian Brewing of Woodinville, Washington recently announced that three of its beers are now available in Germany.

Obenheim Bier, a German beer importer that focuses on bringing American craft beer to Germany, recently visit the Northwest in search of products to offer their German beer audience. Sumerian Brewing made the cut and now three of its beers are available in the old country.

Obenheim is now importing all three of Sumerian’s packaged beers to Germany: Lucidity Pilsner, Holy Water Citra IPA, and Hopruption Double IPA.

“We learned after the fact that Obenheim Bier visited the states for two months trying different Washington Breweries beer,” says the brewery. “They picked us and we didn’t even know it, until they approached us to obtain it! This is a Beer WOW and we are humbled by it.”


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