sumerian brewing now shipping beer direct to all washington addresses

Sumerian Brewing introduces flat-rate shipping option


I love the idea of getting beer delivered right to my door, but I don’t like the idea of paying crazy prices for it. If I pay $100 for beer delivery, I expect Burt Reynolds to show up in a black and gold 1977 Pontiac Trans Am. That’s what I like about the way Sumerian Brewing is handling their shipping option. No, The Bandit won’t deliver the beer, but still, I like their style.

It’s a flat rate. Buy a case, they deliver. What’s more, the price is pretty damned good too. They’ll ship the beer to any location in Washington state. You’ll get a $10 Coupon with your shipment as a Thank You for your support!

I think more breweries should follow Sumerian’s lead. Absorb the shipping cost into the price of the beer, or offer a reasonable shipping rate. Although it may not be the same as selling it over the counter at regular retail markup, it is still selling beer. These days, moving product has its own value, even you’re moving it at a lower margin.

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Pricing Info From Sumerian Brewing:

Online Orders Case 24pk $40 or $45 includes shipping!
(Horuption is the only 24 pk. that is $45  – rest are $40)

Holy Water Citra IPA Case 24pk

Lucidity Czech Style Pilsner Case 24pk

Hysteria Hazy IPA Case 24pk

Hopruption Double IPA Case 24pk

Curbside Pick-Up

All six-packs just $7 Hopruption is $8

Growler fills $10 Hopruption $12

Kegs To-Go Pricing

$65 / 1/6 BBL Standard Beers

$85 / 1/6 BBL Hopruption IPA

$150 / 1/2 BBL Standard Beers

$180 / 1/2 BBL Hoprution IPA

Keg Deposits are $100 & Fully Refundable


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  1. Finally, someone getting with the times! Unfortunately, no dark beers.

    Hopefully other breweries pick up on this and get it in gear!

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