Sunday is International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day

This Sunday, March 8th is International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day. At six of Washington’s breweries, and countless other breweries around the world, groups of women involved in the beer industry will gather to brew unique versions of the same basic beer, Unite Red Ale.

The Seattle breweries involved are Elysian Brewing, Fremont Brewing, Hale Ale Brewery, and Pike Brewing. The other Washington breweries are Dick’s Brewing in Centralia and Birdsview Brewing in Birdsview. The beer is expected to be ready for release in a few weeks. We will post any information about availability as soon as it becomes know anything.

International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day is sponsored by the Pink Boots Society, an organization of more than 1,700 women working in the beer industry around the world that was created to empower women beer professionals to advance their careers through education. See our previous posts about Pink Boots Society to better understand what they do.

The Seattle Chapter of the Pink Boots Society was officially formed two month ago and hit the ground running. They’ve already collaborated on a few different project and have begun raising funds.

Unite Red Ale

The basic parameters for Unite Red Ale: brew a beer with Willamette hops, an IBU of 50, and ABV of 4.6%.  Beyond that, each brewery is free to do as they please.


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